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Propulsion Device sentence examples within Electric Propulsion Device

Preliminary Experimental Characterization of a Microwave Discharge Cusped Field Thruster

Special issue on selected papers from CEPC 2020

Propulsion Device sentence examples within Waterjet Propulsion Device

Investigation of Complex Characteristics of Waterjet Propulsion Device with Intake Grid

Unsteady Flow Process in Mixed Waterjet Propulsion Pumps with Nozzle Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Propulsion Device sentence examples within Jet Propulsion Device

Application of Direct-driven Multistage Supercharging Technology in Water Jet Propulsion Devices

Application of Coanda Effect in Water Jet Propulsion Devices

Propulsion Device sentence examples within Hybrid Propulsion Device

Motion Stability Evaluation of the Improved Spherical Underwater Robot with Hybrid Propulsion Devices

Turning Locomotion Analysis and Performance Evaluation for a Spherical Underwater Robot

Propulsion Device sentence examples within Aerospace Propulsion Device

Advanced High-Temperature Structural Materials for Aerospace and Power Sectors: A Critical Review

Velocity behavior downstream of perforated plates with large blockage ratio for unstable and stable detonations

Propulsion Device sentence examples within Advanced Propulsion Device

Effect of operating parameters on application based performance analysis of PDC: A recent review

Study and Conceptual Design on Cryogenic-Nuclear Propulsion System for Interplanetary & Leo Mission

Propulsion Device sentence examples within Main Propulsion Device

Design of ARM-based Intelligent Unmanned Surface Vehicle Control and Acquisition Module

Design, Modeling, Control, and Experiments for a Fish-Robot-Based IoT Platform to Enable Smart Ocean

Propulsion Device sentence examples within Power Propulsion Device

Numerical Investigations of Film Cooling and Particle Impact on the Blade Leading Edge

Research on Matching Characteristics of Ship-Engine-Propeller of COGAG

Interlaboratory validation of a hanging pendulum thrust balance for electric propulsion testing.

Pneumatic Caterpillar Mover for a Light Transport Vehicle

Magnetohydrodynamics with Applications to the Study of Electrolysis and Turbulence

To the Issue of Determining Agricultural Tractor Slipping

Design and analysis of positioning manipulator structure for vascular interventional surgery robot system

Propulsion life prediction based on support vector machine

The Effect of Axial Magnetic Field on the Lifetime of Micro Cathode Arc Thruster (μ-CAT)

Specific ion effects directed noble metal aerogels: Versatile manipulation for electrocatalysis and beyond

Level set method for atomization and evaporation simulations

On Energetically Effective Modes of Walking Robots Movement

Advantages of fiber Bragg gratings for measuring electric motor loadings in aerospace application.

Equivalent standard manoeuvres for pod-driven ships

Effects of non-sinusoidal pitching motion on the propulsion performance of an oscillating foil

Abnormal enhancement of separated turbulent air flow and heat transfer in inclined single-row oval-trench dimples at the narrow channel wall

Numerical Analysis on the Effect of Artificial Ventilated Pipe Diameter on Hydrodynamic Performance of a Surface-Piercing Propeller

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An Introduction to Ablative Materials and High-Temperature Testing Protocols

Heat and Mass Transfer Effect on Peristalsis of Jeffrey Fluid in a Vertical Channel with Thermal Radiation and Heat Sources

Heat Transfer Design for Bionic Surfaces in a Simplified Transition Segment of Marine Gas Turbine Combustor

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Propulsion Device 추진 장치

Propulsion Device 추진 장치
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