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Promoting Knowledge sentence examples within promoting knowledge sharing

Organizational Culture, Transformational Leadership and the Impact on Knowledge Sharing in Selected Research Organization

Informal Network Structure and Knowledge Sharing in Organizations: An Empirical Study of a Korean Paint Manufacturing Company

Promoting Knowledge sentence examples within promoting knowledge transfer

Human resource management practices in creating a committed workforce for fostering knowledge transfer: a theoretical framework

Using Blueprints to promote interorganizational knowledge transfer in digital health initiatives—a qualitative exploration of a national change program in English hospitals

Promoting Knowledge sentence examples within promoting knowledge retention

Impact of organisational factors on tacit knowledge sharing in HEIs: Focusing the mediating role of KM system quality

Can Motivational Interviewing follow-up calls improve the implementation and retention of a specific communication support (Key Word Sign) by staff supporting people with an intellectual disability? A pilot project

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Promoting Knowledge sentence examples within promoting knowledge integration

Promoting pre-service teachers’ integration of professional knowledge: effects of writing tasks and prompts on learning from multiple documents

Teaching towards knowledge integration in learning force and motion

Promoting Knowledge sentence examples within promoting knowledge flow

Study on Cooperative Culture, Network Power and Knowledge Flow from the Perspective of Enterprise Innovation Network Management

Is the evolution of building sustainability assessment methods promoting the desired sharing of knowledge amongst project stakeholders?

Promoting Knowledge sentence examples within promoting knowledge exchange

Global approaches to integrated care: Best practices and ongoing innovation.

Building bridges between experts and the public: a comparison of two-way communication formats for flooding and air pollution risk

Promoting Knowledge sentence examples within promoting knowledge management

Scientific Associations as Communities of Practice for Fostering Collaborative Knowledge Building: Case Study of IAKM

Implementation of the Eclipse Process Framework Composer Tool for the Documentation of Quality Management Systems: A Case Applied in Healthcare Services

Promoting Knowledge sentence examples within promoting knowledge related

The Use of Simulation to Enhance LGBTQ+ Care Competencies of Nursing Students

Sociological analysis of the content of media coverage on the “Social Committee for AIDS (SKA)” Facebook profile

Effect of Knowledge/Practice of COVID-19 Prevention Measures on Return-to-Work Concerns; Attitudes About the Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Survey on Supermarket Staff in Huanggang, China

A Content Analysis of YouTube™ Videos Related to Bladder Cancer


Italy After Five Years From the Adoption of the 2030 Agenda: A Quantitative Review

New Training Contexts for Geoeducation and Tourism

The “Young Metabolic Society”: An interest group for young professionals in the field of metabolic medicine

The Use of Serious Games as an Educational and Dissemination Tool for Archaeological Heritage Potential and Challenges for the Future

Massive Cervical Lymphadenopathy Post-COVID-19 Vaccination.

Muhammadiyah Green School di SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Turi Menuju Sekolah Adiwiyata

From theory to practice: Jewish and Arabs students in academia practice multicultural education

215Impact of Brazilian Family Health Strategy on Reproductive Health: Analysis at Individual and Population Levels

Competências educacionais para a promoção do conhecimento no contexto educacional / Educational skills for the promotion of knowledge in the educational context

Social media utilisation and sexual health education. What are the issues? A systematic review

El papel irremplazable de los nuevos medios de comunicación de China en respuesta al COVID-19

Frigjøring gjennom vitenskap – Karl Evang som seksualopplyser

Comparison the impact of face-to-face training package for resuscitation with presentation by messaging software on emergency medicine rotation interns

Reasons for non-attendance to cervical cancer screening and acceptability of HPV self-sampling among Bruneian women: A cross-sectional study.

Kenyan school book knowledge for water, sanitation, hygiene and health education interventions: Disconnect, integration or opportunities?

Advocacy of the Sustainable Development Goals in Jordanian academic libraries

Evidence of Iron Metallurgy at the Okuje Site - from Findings to Presentation in the Exhibition and More

Projeto “Coração batendo forte”: estratégias educativas de prevenção da parada cardiorrespiratória

A sectoral perspective on global climate governance: Analytical foundation

Mushroom Poisoning Outbreaks — China, 2020

O uso da literacia em saúde por uma liga acadêmica no processo de informação em tempos de pandemia pela COVID-19: Relato de experiência

International Journal of Stroke in 2021

Meeting the Challenge of Populism to Children’s Rights: The Value of Human Rights Education

The alignment of organizational structure and R&D management in internationalized public company The EMBRAPA case

The Investment of Waqf Properties and Infrastructure Development

The Impacts of the Hierarchical Medical System on National Health Insurance on the Resident’s Health Seeking Behavior in Taiwan: A Case Study on the Policy to Reduce Hospital Visits

Nurses knowledge, attitudes and practices towards patients with HIV and AIDS in Kumasi, Ghana

The impact of digital copyright law and policy on access to knowledge and learning

Rolê no IF: um aplicativo em favor da inclusão e contra a evasão no Ensino Médio Integrado

Uma abordagem a partir de parceria sustentável para desenvolvimento e acesso a medicamentos inovadores no Brasil: riscos e desafios econômicos, regulatórios e científicos

Effectiveness of a community-based health programme on the blood pressure control, adherence and knowledge of adults with hypertension: A PRECEDE-PROCEED model approach.

Prescribing fitness apps for people with cancer: a preliminary assessment of content and quality of commercially available apps

Musei e istituzioni culturali virtuosamente in rete: una nuova politica di inclusione in Italia / Museums and Cultural Institutions in a Virtuous Network: a New Inclusion Policy in Italy

So Help Me, God: Religiosity and End-of-Life Choices in a Nationally Representative Sample.


Modificações Corporais: atores e significados a partir de uma websérie

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Recent Outcomes of the Investigations on Guglielmo Marconi Supposed Experiments in Switzerland

Promoting Healthy Nutrition through Educational Escape Games

‘Knowledge about Religions’ and Analytical Skills in Religious Education: Reflections from a Norwegian Context

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Aprendizaje basado en un proyecto de gamificación: vinculando la educación universitaria con la divulgación de la geomorfología de Chile


Knowledge and attitude of HIV/AIDS among women in Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

Knowledge and Competency of Novice Nursing Students in Nasogastric Tube Feeding: Is Simulation Better than Case Scenario?

Pedagogization of elite sport in the school system: vested interests and dominant discourses

Promoción del lavado de manos en niños de 10 años: evaluación de intervenciones piloto en ciudades del Norte Argentino

Note-taking format and difficulty impact learning from instructor-provided lecture notes

One-Year Follow-Up of a Vocal Hygiene Program for School-Age Children

Students and HIV/AIDS: Exploring the situation in Greek higher education (full text in Greek)

Promoting Knowledge 지식 증진

Promoting Knowledge 지식 증진
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