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ULK1 Promotes Mitophagy via Phosphorylation and Stabilization of BNIP3.

ULK1 promotes mitophagy via phosphorylation and stabilization of BNIP3

Exercise Training Enhances Myocardial Mitophagy and Improves Cardiac Function via Irisin/FNDC5-PINK1/Parkin Pathway in MI Mice

Resveratrol Relieves Gouty Arthritis by Promoting Mitophagy to Inhibit Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasomes

Hypoxic postconditioning promotes mitophagy against transient global cerebral ischemia via PINK1/Parkin-induced mitochondrial ubiquitination in adult rats

Polydatin mediates Parkin-dependent mitophagy and protects against mitochondria-dependent apoptosis in acute respiratory distress syndrome

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Promotes Mitophagy 미토파지 촉진

Promotes Mitophagy 미토파지 촉진
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