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Can Teacher Evaluation Systems Produce High-Quality Feedback? An Administrator Training Field Experiment

A Mixed-Methods Approach to Investigating Social and Emotional Learning at Schools: Teachers’ Familiarity, Beliefs, Training, and Perceived School Culture

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The Relations between Teaching Strategies, Students’ Engagement in Learning, and Teachers’ Self-Concept

Application of diversified evaluation methods in biochemistry course

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From government to governance: School coalition for promoting educational quality and equity in China

Professional changes of primary science teachers: experience on collaborative action research in Thailand

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Interaction principles for digital puppeteering to promote teacher learning

Teacher Learning Opportunities Provided by Implementing Formative Assessment Lessons: Becoming Responsive to Student Mathematical Thinking

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Influences on local curriculum innovation in times of change: a literacy case study

The Virtue Project and the Biofilms and Biodiversity Project: An International Collaboration in Marine Science Education

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The Implementation of an English Teacher’s Identity

Teaching Ambition Realized: Paul’s Beginning Music Teacher Identity

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Teaching as Mediation: The Influence of Professional Development on Teacher Identity in Mexico City Public Schools

Teachers’ Mental Health and Self-Reported Coping Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ecuador: A Mixed-Methods Study

Exploring individual and organizational mechanisms of implementation of evidence-based practices for the inclusion of elementary students with autism: Study protocol

Exploring the Informatization Teaching Ability of High School Teachers in the Western Region of China

Teachers’ and Educational Administrators’ Conceptions of Inquiry: Do They Promote or Constrain Inquiry-Based Science Teaching in Junior High Schools?

Exploring the relations between teachers’ cue-utilization, monitoring and regulation of students’ text learning

Informatization of Education. Media Education and Media Literacy

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Analysis on Teaching Internationalization of Higher Education

Problematizing mathematics and its pedagogy through teacher engagement with history-focused and classroom situation-specific tasks

Promoting proactive bystander responses to racism and racial discrimination in primary schools: a mixed methods evaluation of the ‘Speak Out Against Racism’ program pilot

Association between workplace violence and burnout syndrome among schoolteachers: A systematic review

Evaluation Model of Educational Curriculum in Higher Schools Based on Deep Neural Networks

Students’ achievement and teachers’ perception in the implementation of lesson study-based cooperative learning

Teachers’ active responses to bullying: Does the school collegial climate make a difference?

Effects of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Teachers: a Study on Teacher and Student Outcomes

Construction practice of student evaluation system based on JFinal + webix integrated framework and Baidu AI platform

Work pressures among teachers of learning disabilities in English language from their point of view

Situational inquiry method in the research teaching mode for ideological and political courses

Online Collaborative Learning Communities (OCLCs)

From the Normal to the New Normal: Reflecting Metamorphosis in Pedagogies

Crisis and Opportunity: Transforming Teachers From Curriculum Deliverers to Designers of Learning

Teacher professional development for improving the intercultural school: an example of a participatory course on stereotypes

Burnout symptomatology and social support at work independent of the private sphere: a population-based study of French teachers

Creating safe spaces for children’s voices to be heard: supporting the psychosocial needs of children in times of trauma

Effect of Teachers’ Happiness on Teachers’ Health. The Mediating Role of Happiness at Work

Research on the construction strategy of double-qualified team in vocational education colleges

Research on the Professional Development Strategies of English Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Initiative of “the Belt and Road”

Raising Teachers’ Awareness of Learner Autonomy: Implications for the Ukrainian Higher Education

To What Extent does the Syllabus Allow Teachers to Go beyond Methods

The Construction of Cooperative Teacher Culture in China’s Vocational Colleges in the Perspective of Teachers’ Professional Development

Training higher education teachers’ critical thinking and attitudes towards teaching it

Study on the College Teaching Support Service System Based on Data Mining and Internet Platform

Identifying needs for support to enhance teachers’ curriculum design expertise

Kepemimpinan Kepala Sekolah dan Kepuasan Kerja Guru: Sebuah Survey

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Teacher Retention: A Review of Policies for Motivating Rural Basic School Teachers in Ghana.

Assessing the emotional impact of virtual reality-based teacher training

Students’ reflective journaling: an impactful strategy that informs instructional practices in an EFL writing university context in Qatar

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Dispositional traits and their impact on teachers’ health: a cress-cultural comparison between India and Italy

Innovative Research and Practice of Teachers’ Teaching Quality Evaluation under the Guidance of ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’

Using Digital Resources to Boost English Writing Development

Promote Teacher 교사 승진

Promote Teacher 교사 승진
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