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Exposure to Parasitic Protists and Helminths Changes the Intestinal Community Structure of Bacterial Communities in a Cohort of Mother-Child Binomials from a Semirural Setting in Mexico

Exposure to parasitic protists and helminths changes the intestinal community structure of bacterial microbiota but not of eukaryotes in a cohort of mother-child binomial from a semi-rural setting in Mexico

Applications of Blocker Nucleic Acids and Non-Metazoan PCR Improves the Discovery of the Eukaryotic Microbiome in Ticks

Parasites and diet as main drivers of the Malagasy gut microbiome richness and function

Metagenomic Insights Into Co-Proliferation of Vibrio Spp. and Dinoflagellates Prorocentrum During A Spring Algal Bloom in the Coastal East China Sea Near Xiamen

Metagenomic insights into co-proliferation of Vibrio spp. and dinoflagellates Prorocentrum during a spring algal bloom in the coastal East China Sea.

Comprehensive Ecological and Geographic Characterization of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Microbiomes in African Anopheles

Analysis on the prokaryotic microbiome in females and embryonic cell cultures of Rhipicephalus sanguineus tropical and temperate lineages from two specific localities in Brazil.

Effect of extreme metal(loid) concentrations on prokaryotic community structure in floodplain soils contaminated with mine waste

Metabarcoding comparison of prokaryotic microbiomes from Appalachian karst caves to surface soils in southwest Virginia, USA

Interrelation prokaryotic community-aquifer in a carbonate coastal environment

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Prokaryotic Microbiome 원핵 미생물군집

Prokaryotic Microbiome 원핵 미생물군집
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