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A Street Psychiatry Rotation for Medical Trainees: Humanizing the Care of People Experiencing Homelessness

Development, piloting and validation of the Recommending Cardiac Rehabilitation (ReCaRe) instrument.

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A Street Psychiatry Rotation for Medical Trainees: Humanizing the Care of People Experiencing Homelessness

Education professionals’ attitudes towards the inclusion of children with ADHD: the role of knowledge and stigma

Effect of Disability-Specific Education on Student Attitudes Toward People With Disabilities

Feasibility and impact of a short training course on frailty destined for primary health care professionals

Attitudes of key professionals towards people with intellectual disabilities and their inclusion in society: A qualitative study in an Indonesian context

Measuring Attitudes toward Suicide Prevention among Occupational Staff Frequently Exposed to Suicidal Individuals: Psychometric Evaluation and Validation

Comparison of the caregivers’ and community health professionals’ views on home health care services for disabled older adults: a cross-sectional study in Beijing, China

Developing Recommendations for Cumulative Endpoints and Lifetime Use for Research Animals

After-Hours Learning

Toward Cultural Heritage Sustainability through Participatory Planning Based on Investigation of the Value Perceptions and Preservation Attitudes: Qing Mu Chuan, China

Digital Learning in Speech-Language Pathology, Phoniatrics, and Otolaryngology: Interdisciplinary and Exploratory Analysis of Content, Organizing Structures, and Formats

Knowledge and attitudes of healthcare professionals on prescribing errors

A proposed OKR-based framework for cyber effective services in the GDPR era

Attitudes of Health Care Professionals Toward Older Adults’ Abilities to Use Digital Technology: Questionnaire Study

On Becoming a Mother After Cancer Survival: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Value Conflicts in Public Organizations

Factors influencing the implementation of clinical pharmacy services on paediatric patient care in hospital settings

Optimizing evidence‐based heart failure medication: every contact counts

What Hinders Victims from Reporting Sexual Violence: A Qualitative Study with Police Officers, Prosecutors, and Judges in Hungary

How Public Health Professionals View Mandatory Vaccination in Italy—A Cross-Sectional Survey

Writing good reviews

Management of Diversities in The Context of Healthcare Professionals’ Attitudes Towards Diversities

Oral health care professionals recommending and administering the HPV vaccine: Understanding the strengths and assessing the barriers

Immigration, settlement process and mental health challenges of immigrants/ refugees: Alternative care thinking

Surgical Teams’ Attitudes About Surgical Safety and the Surgical Safety Checklist at 10 Years

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Professionals Attitudes 전문가의 태도

Professionals Attitudes 전문가의 태도
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