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Relationship of Patellofemoral Angles and Tibiofemoral Rotational Angles With Jumper’s Knee in Professional Dancers: An MRI Analysis

Perceptions of Strength Training in Dance.

Cognitive, emotional and somatosensory behavior in professional dancers with acute and chronic pain.

Relationships Between Lateral Limb Bias, Turnout, and Lower Limb Injury in a Female Pre‑Professional Ballet Dancer Population.

Who Takes Ballet and Why? A History of Ballet Class for the Casual Dancer

Chinese Classical Dancers Have Improved Spontaneous Activity in Visual Brain Areas

Rethinking Burlesque Forms in Louis XIII ballets: Dance, Music, and Politics in Burlesque ballets, 1625-1635

Association between pre-participation characteristics and risk of injury amongst pre-professional dancers.

The Role of Dental Occlusion and Neuromuscular Behavior in Professional Ballet Dancers’ Performance: A Pilot Study

Automatic Translation of Music-to-Dance for In-Game Characters

Inter- and Intra-Rater Reliability of Handheld Dynamometry for Lower Extremity Strength Testing in Pre-Professional Dancers.

Types of the locomotor system injuries and frequency of occurrence in women pole dancers.

Reliability of a Barre-Mounted Dynamometer-Stabilizing Device in Measuring Dance-Specific Muscle Performance.

Generalized Joint Hypermobility and Injuries: A Prospective Cohort Study of 185 Pre-Professional Contemporary Dancers

Kinematics and Esthetics of Grand Battement After Static and Dynamic Hamstrings Stretching in Adolescents.

Incidence and prediction of ankle injury risk: a prospective cohort study on 91 contemporary preprofessional dancers

Injury Incidence and Severity in Musical Theatre Dance Students: 5-year Prospective Study.

Dancing with Diversity: Performing Possibilities, Transforming Disabilities

The Art of Dance from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence

Current Use, Non-Use, and Future Use of Ballet Learning Technologies

How to do a plié and not get bored

Upper-Body Strength Endurance and Power Norms in Healthy Collegiate Dancers: A 10-year Prospective Study.

Does the Movement Competency Screen Correlate with Deep Abdominals Activation and Hip Strength for Professional and Pre-professional Dancers?

Injury Fear, Stigma, and Reporting in Professional Dancers

‘Do You Think Combat Pilots Have Haemorrhoids?’

Nanako Nakajima in Conversation with Yvonne Rainer

A Mobile Augmented Reality Interface for Teaching Folk Dances

Einnahmeverhalten von nichtsteroidalen Antiphlogistika bei Tanzpädagogen

Comparative Effects of One‐Shot Electrical Stimulation on Performance of the Flexor Hallucis Longus Muscle in Professional Dancers: Percutaneous Versus Transcutaneous?

Thoracoabdominal breathing motion pattern and coordination of professional ballet dancers

Assessment of musculoskeletal pain in dance focusing on dance-style related differences

Injury rates and characteristics in recreational, elite student and professional dancers: A systematic review

Specificity of Postural Control: Comparing Expert and Intermediate Dancers

Is Training Load Associated with Symptoms of Overuse Injury in Dancers? A Prospective Observational Study.

Análisis de la relación entre ansiedad rasgo y experiencia profesional en la danza

Self-Directed Oral Vitamin D Supplementation in Professional Ballet Dancers: A Randomized Controlled Trial Pilot Study.

From Motions to Emotions: Classification of Affect from Dance Movements using Deep Learning

Professional Dancers Distinct Biomechanical Pattern during Multidirectional Landings

Lumbopelvic movement control in contemporary dancers: A multiple case study

Female Athlete Body Project Intervention with Professional Dancers: A Pilot Trial

How does ballet training alter ankle tendinous morphology and hemodynamics in asymptomatic pre-professional dancers? An ultrasonographic study.

Foregrounding the Imagination: Re-reflecting on Dancers’ Engagement with Video Self-recordings

Can Personality Factors and Body Esteem Predict Imagery Ability in Dancers?

Comparison of Trajectories and Quaternions of Folk Dance Movements Using Dynamic Time Warping

Movement, Music and Creativity in The Elderly with Dementia

Countermovement Jump and Drop Jump Performances Are Related to Grand Jeté Leap Performance in Dancers With Different Skill Levels.

Dancers’ Somatic of Musicality

Conservative Treatment for Calf Muscle Injuries

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