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Discriminatory effects of gender disparities in improved seed and fertilizer use at the plot-level in Malawi and Tanzania

Performance of potato clones for processing in subtropical and high-altitude tropical regions of Brazil

Cognition and Emotion in Extreme Political Action: Individual Differences and Dynamic Interactions

Identification of genetic markers and wood properties that predict wood biorefinery potential in aspen bioenergy feedstock (Populus tremula)

Genomic Selection for End-Use Quality and Processing Traits in Soft White Winter Wheat Breeding Program with Machine and Deep Learning Models

Effects of Different Anti-Stressors on Growth, Serum Chemistry and Meat Quality Attributes of Japanese Quail

Genomic adaptations in information processing underpin trophic strategy in a whole-ecosystem nutrient enrichment experiment

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Estimates of heritability based on additive-dominance genetic analysis model in red swamp crayfish, Procambarus clarkii

Socialized for News Media Use: How Family Communication, Information-Processing Needs, and Gratifications Determine Adolescents’ Exposure to News

Invasive ants disperse seeds farther than native ants, affecting the spatial pattern of seedling recruitment and survival

Measuring the cognitive cost of downward monotonicity by controlling for negative polarity

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Processing Traits 처리 특성

Processing Traits 처리 특성
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