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Aperiodic and periodic components of ongoing oscillatory brain dynamics link distinct functional aspects of cognition across adult lifespan.

Complexity of information processing in obsessive-compulsive disorder based on fractal analysis of EEG signal

The potential of ensemble WT-EEMD-kernel extreme learning machine techniques for prediction suspended sediment concentration in successive points of a river

PrAVA: Preprocessing profiling approach for visual analytics

Effects of vacuum and multiflash drying on the microbiota and colour of dried yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor)

Vitamin C from Seaweed: A Review Assessing Seaweed as Contributor to Daily Intake

Micro‐ and macro‐optimizations of SaaT search

Resolution-Preserving Speckle Reduction of SAR Images: The Benefits of Speckle Decorrelation and Targets Extraction

DeepSpectra: An end-to-end deep learning approach for quantitative spectral analysis.

The impact of preprocessing steps on the accuracy of machine learning algorithms in sentiment analysis

Morphosyntactic Preprocessing Impact on Document Embedding: An Empirical Study on Semantic Similarity

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Processing Impact 처리 영향

Processing Impact 처리 영향
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