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Unpicking the Emperor’s New Clothes: Perceived Attributes of the Captain in Sports Teams

Examining the Neighborhood Attributes of Recently Housed Partner Violence Survivors in Rapid Rehousing

Melanin Production and Laccase Mediated Oxidative Stress Alleviation During Fungal-fungal Interaction Among Basidiomycetes Fungi

Accessibility to sequential working memory fluctuates unconsciously in a theta phase-dependent manner

Information Literacy and Decision-Based Learning

How Potential New Members Approach an Online Community

Menopause impacts human brain structure, connectivity, energy metabolism, and amyloid-beta deposition

Ultrasound-assisted preparation of different nanocarriers loaded with food bioactive ingredients.

Supporting Postdivorce Stepfathering: Directions for Family Counselors

Dynamics of technological mediation: a case of television white space deployment

Machine learning for pricing American options in high-dimensional Markovian and non-Markovian models

Aborted propagation of the Ethiopian rift caused by linkage with the Kenyan rift

Wood Charcoal Fuel Resilience in Kampala Capital City; Charcoal in the Water Energy and Food Urban Nexus

The Process Is the Problem

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Process Impacts 프로세스 영향

Process Impacts 프로세스 영향
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