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Predictive Process Adjustment by Detecting System Status of Vacuum Gripper in Real Time during Pick-Up Operations

System integration for predictive process adjustment and cloud computing-based real-time condition monitoring of vibration sensor signals in automated storage and retrieval systems

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Optimal process mean setting based on asymmetric linear quality loss function

Optimal manufacturing target setting by considering process adjustment cost and quality loss

Prediction of residual-stress depth profiles in turning of EN AW-2017 based on in-process measurements of machining forces and temperatures

Detection of statistically significant differences between process variants through declarative rules

Development and Implementation of Practice-oriented Process Model of Risk Management System at the Mining Enterprises

Two-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis-Based Convolutional Autoencoder for Wafer Map Defect Detection

Engineering project control of comprehensive unit price fluctuation-time limit fluctuation-process adjustment

An application of integrated EPC–SPC methodology for simultaneously monitoring multiple output characteristics

Production of Metallic Fiber Materials and Determination of Pore Sizes

Research on dimension coupling of piezoelectric three-component force unit based on sensor assembly error

Real-time monitoring and control of CHO cell apoptosis by in situ multifrequency scanning dielectric spectroscopy

Optimal Process Adjustment under Inspection Errors Considering the Cycle Time of Production

Research on the Reform of Informational Teaching

Volumetric shrinkage prediction in fused deposition modelling process - ANFIS modelling approach

Understanding Human Decision-making during Production Ramp-up using Natural Language Processing

Close-to-process strain measurement in ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning

Identifying Data Dependencies as First Step to Obtain a Proactive Historian: Test Scenario in the Water Industry 4.0

Vehicle Wheel Hub Manufacturing Scheduling Problem with Intermediate Storage

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Process Adjustment 공정 조정

Process Adjustment 공정 조정
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