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Comprehensive profiling of CTP-binding proteins using a biotinylated CTP affinity probe

Chemical proteomic profiling of UTP-binding proteins in human cells.

Sensing quantum chaos through the non-unitary geometric phase

A design for the photoelectrochemical detection of miRNA-221 based on a tungsten diselenide-cysteine-dopamine nanoprobe coupled with mismatched catalytic hairpin assembly target recycling with ultra-low background noise.

An amplification strategy using DNA-Peptide dendrimer probe and mass spectrometry for sensitive MicroRNA detection in breast cancer.

Precise Monitoring of Drug-Induced Kidney Injury Using an Endoplasmic Reticulum-Targetable Ratiometric Time-Gated Luminescence Probe for Superoxide Anions.

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Probe Coupled 프로브 결합

Probe Coupled 프로브 결합
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