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The application of 3D printing systems in the bachelor’s engineering educational process

Effect of printing parameters on material distribution in spray-based 3D concrete printing (S-3DCP)

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A novel near-infrared light responsive 4D printed nanoarchitecture with dynamically and remotely controllable transformation

Dynamic imine bonds based shape memory polymers with permanent shape reconfigurability for 4D printing.

Visible Light-Curable Chitosan Ink for Extrusion-Based and Vat Polymerization-Based 3D Bioprintings

3D bioprinting of engineered breast cancer constructs for personalized and targeted cancer therapy.

An advanced molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor for the highly sensitive and selective detection and determination of Human IgG.

Neural Audio Fingerprint for High-Specific Audio Retrieval Based on Contrastive Learning

Biofabrication of Prevascularised Hypertrophic Cartilage Microtissues for Bone Tissue Engineering

3D-Printing of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete for Robotic Bridge Construction

Practice of the VOF Open Foam techniques aimed to parameters prediction of the « dampening solution - paper» interaction for the printing systems

Organoid technology for personalized pancreatic cancer therapy

Cramer-Rao Lower Bound Analysis of Data Fusion for Fingerprinting Localization in Non-Line-of-Sight Environments

The Use of Computational Methods for the Development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

[Preparation of liquid crystal-based molecularly imprinted monolith and its molecular recognition thermodynamics].

Photopolymerization of Bio-Based Polymers in a Biomedical Engineering Perspective.

Modeling and Register Control of the Speed-Up Phase in Roll-to-Roll Printing Systems

FID: Function Modeling-based Data-Independent and Channel-Robust Physical-Layer Identification

Ultra-Low-Cost 3D Bioprinting: Modification and Application of an Off-the-Shelf Desktop 3D-Printer for Biofabrication

CC-DTW: An Accurate Indoor Fingerprinting Localization Using Calibrated Channel State Information and Modified Dynamic Time Warping

Printed copper connections on flexible substrates

Chemical and Molecular Comparative Study on Different Genotypes of Pepper (Capsicum annuum, L.)

Picosecond Laser Interference Patterning of Periodical Micro-Architectures on Metallic Molds for Hot Embossing

Multiplatform Protein Detection and Quantification Using Glutaraldehyde-Induced Fluorescence for 3D Systems

Printing-while-moving: a new paradigm for large-scale robotic 3D Printing

3D-printing and advanced manufacturing for electronics

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Printing Systems 인쇄 시스템

Printing Systems 인쇄 시스템
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