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The matrisome contributes to the increased rigidity of the bovine ovarian cortex and provides a source of new bioengineering tools to investigate ovarian biology

3D bioprinting of dual-crosslinked nanocellulose hydrogels for tissue engineering applications.

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The matrisome contributes to the increased rigidity of the bovine ovarian cortex and provides a source of new bioengineering tools to investigate ovarian biology

The Matrisome Contributes to the Increased Rigidity of the Bovine Ovarian Cortex and Provides a Source of New Bioengineering Tools to Investigate Ovarian Biology

3D printing stiff antibacterial hydrogels for meniscus replacement

A novel chemosensor for sensitive and facile detection of strontium ions based on ion-imprinted hydrogels modified with guanosine derivatives.

3D printing of lubricative stiff supramolecular polymer hydrogels for meniscus replacement.

Patient-derived scaffolds as a drug-testing platform for endocrine therapies in breast cancer

Electromagnetic field-assisted cell-laden 3D printed poloxamer-407 hydrogel for enhanced osteogenesis

Artificial testis: a testicular tissue extracellular matrix as a potential bio-ink for 3D printing.

Photopolymer formulations for μSL printing of hydrogel microstructures as swellable functional elements

3D bioprinting of conductive hydrogel for enhanced myogenic differentiation

Design of thermoresponsive hydrogels by controlling the chemistry and imprinting of drug molecules within the hydrogel for enhanced loading and smart delivery of drugs

A biofabrication method to align cells within bioprinted photocrosslinkable and cell-degradable hydrogel constructs via embedded fibers

Molecular Imprinted Sites Translate into Macroscopic Shape-Memory Properties of Hydrogels.

A visually distinguishable light interfering bioresponsive silica nanoparticle hydrogel sensor fabricated through the molecular imprinting technique.

A mechanically enhanced electroactive hydrogel for 3D printing using a multileg long chain crosslinker

Alginate/Gelatin Hydrogels Reinforced with TiO2 and β-TCP Fabricated by Microextrusion-based Printing for Tissue Regeneration

Preparation and specific recognition of protein macromolecularly imprinted polyampholyte hydrogel.

Preparation and printability of ultrashort self-assembling peptide nanoparticles

Moxifloxacin imprinted silicon based hydrogels for sustained ocular release

Molecular Imprinting of Cyclodextrin Supramolecular Hydrogels Improves Drug Loading and Delivery.

Thermo-Responsive Molecularly Imprinted Hydrogels for Selective Adsorption and Controlled Release of Phenol From Aqueous Solution

Enabling Free-Standing 3D Hydrogel Microstructures with Micro-Reactive Inkjet Printing.

Formation of a keratin layer with silk fibroin-polyethylene glycol composite hydrogel fabricated by digital light processing 3D printing

A FRESH SLATE for 3D bioprinting

A novel 3D-printable hydrogel with high mechanical strength and shape memory properties

Preliminary Study on 3D printing of PEGDA Hydrogels for Frontal Sinus Implants using Digital Light Processing (DLP)

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Printed Hydrogels 인쇄된 하이드로겔

Printed Hydrogels 인쇄된 하이드로겔
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