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Primary Structures sentence examples within surface layer deterioration

Оn wear resistance of steel-containing composites under extreme friction conditions

Об износостойкости стальсодержащих композитов в экстремальных условиях трения

Primary Structures sentence examples within Aircraft Primary Structures

The Effect of CO2 Laser‐Induced Microhole Formations on Adhesive Bonding Strength of CFRP/CFRP Joints

Hybrid approaches for aircraft primary structure repairs

Primary Structures sentence examples within Composite Primary Structures

The Failure Mechanism of Composite Stiffener Components Reinforced with 3D Woven Fabrics

Industrial framework for identification and verification of hot-spots in automotive composite structures

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Physicochemical and functional assessments demonstrating analytical similarity between rituximab biosimilar HLX01 and the MabThera®

The Application of Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry for de novo Sequencing of Reduced Insulins

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On the internal correlations of protein sequences probed by non-alignment methods: Novel signatures for drug and antibody targets via the Burrows-Wheeler Transform

Evolutionary distribution of deoxynucleoside 5-monophosphate N-glycosidase, DNPH1.

Structural Features, Modification, and Functionalities of Beta-Glucan

Adhesiveless honeycomb sandwich structures of prepreg carbon fiber composites for primary structural applications

Geology and mineral resources of Khudi-Bahundanda area of west-central Nepal along Marshyangdi Valley

Local frustration around enzyme active sites

Buckling analysis of an imperfection-insensitive hybrid composite cylinder under axial compression – numerical simulation, destructive and non-destructive experimental testing

Protein tertiary structure prediction using hidden Markov model based on lattice

Differences in structure and function between human and murine tau.

Towards mold-free composites. A novel control method to cure carbon fiber through punctual force

Separation and identification of peptides in hydrolysed protein extracts from edible macroalgae by HPLC-ESI-QTOF/MS

Три уровня прогнозирования штаммов вируса гриппа

Quantum Systems, Channels, Information: A Mathematical Introduction

Magnetic handshake materials as a scale-invariant platform for programmed self-assembly

Mixed-Mode Cohesive Law Estimation of Composite Joints Made of Toughened Epoxy Adhesive

Seismic Design of Structures and Components in Industrial Units

A Unique Family of Neuronal Signaling Proteins Implicated in Oncogenesis and Tumor Suppression

Intervention on immunodeficiency mice and structural identification of enzymatic peptides from Mauremys mutica and Cuora trifasciata.

Structural and functional characterization of toxic peptides purified from the venom of the Colombian scorpion Tityus macrochirus.

Vortex merging in a laminar separation bubble under natural and forced conditions

Experimental analysis of impact and post-impact behaviour of inserts in Carbon sandwich structures

Tissue Engineering for the Temporomandibular Joint.

Digital interlooping: 3D printing of weft-knitted textile-based tubular structures using selective laser sintering of nylon powder


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The Search for a Universal Influenza Vaccine: Possibilities and Limitations

Functional characterization of novel ALOX15 orthologs representing key steps in mammalian evolution supports the Evolutionary Hypothesis of reaction specificity.

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Kinetic Control in Synthesis of Polymers Using Nanoporous Metal-Organic Frameworks

Hierarchical Uniform Supramolecular Conjugated Spherulites with Suppression of Defect Emission

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Элементы-примеси в минералах некоторых редкo встречающихся пород Южного Урала

Effect of ultrasound on the properties and antioxidant activity of hawthorn pectin.

Macromolecular Isomerism in Giant Molecules.

Inhibition of human constitutive 20S proteasome and 20S immunoproteasome with novel N‐terminally modified peptide aldehydes and their antitumor activity

Studies on O-acetyl-glucomannans from Amorphophallus species: Comparison of physicochemical properties and primary structures

Evolution of the Igarapé Bahia Cu-Au deposit, Carajás Province (Brazil): Early syngenetic chalcopyrite overprinted by IOCG mineralization

Future perspectives of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.

Предсказание функций некоторых пероксидаз Arabidopsis thaliana L. на основе биоинформатического поиска

Structure of the Granitic Pegmatite Field of the Northern Coast of Portugal—Inner Pegmatite Structures and Mineralogical Fabrics

Radiation effects on Toxoplasma antigens: different immune responses of irradiated intact tachyzoites or soluble antigens in experimental mice models

Peptidomic analysis of the host-defense peptides in skin secretions of Rana graeca provides insight into phylogenetic relationships among Eurasian Rana species.

Preparation and photocatalytic performance of tungstovanadophosphoric heteropoly acid salts

Aboriginal Women and the Canadian Criminal Justice System

Analysis on interstory drift of high-rise residential quasi-megastructure

Robust design of imperfection sensitive thin-walled shells under axial compression, bending or external pressure

Structure-based classification of class A beta-lactamases, an update.

Extraction techniques and potential health benefits of bioactive compounds from marine molluscs: a review.

Amyloid properties of the yeast cell wall protein Toh1 and its interaction with prion proteins Rnq1 and Sup35


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Primary Structures 기본 구조

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