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The Theory of Agricultural Price Bubble & Price Crash in Global Economy

Speaking Out in Vietnam: Public Political Criticism in a Communist Party–Ruled Nation

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Reducing US Cancer Burden and Disparities Through National and Targeted Food Price Policies (P04-101-19).

“Nutritional Habits and Factors Affecting Food Consumption Patterns among Urban Dwellings in Cairo - Egypt”

Estimation of Iranian Natural Gas Demand Function Using ARDL Estimation Method

Data-Driven Collusion and Competition in a Pricing Duopoly With Multinomial Logit Demand

Cigarette Prices and Smoking Behavior in Israel: Findings from a National Study of Adults (2002–2017)

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EV Charging Simulator for Public Infrastructure Considering Smart Charging and Price Policies

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Simultaneous optimization of the design of the product, process, and supply chain for formulated product

The Effect of Price Policies on The Most Important Economic Variables for The Potato Crop in Egypt

Food Security in India: Issues and Suggestion to Improve the Public Distribution System

Visualizing data: Trends in smoking tobacco prices and taxes in India

An Economic Study to Estimate the Impact of Price Policies on Rice Production and Consumption in Egypt

Cigarette Affordability and Cigarette Consumption among Adult and Elderly Chinese Smokers: Evidence from A Longitudinal Study

Common Market Organisation


Can energy-price regulations smooth price fluctuations? Evidence from China’s coal sector

The impact of tobacco control policies on smoking initiation in eleven European countries

Are energy efficiency policies for household context dependent? A comparative study of Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay

Modelo de Evaluación de Estrategias de Conservación y Aprovechamiento en una Reserva de Turismo Cinegético en México

Impact of food consumption on water footprint and food security in Tunisia

EOQ Model under Permissible Delay in Payments and Inflation with Weibull Decay and Power Pattern Demand

Assessing the macroeconomic impacts of individual behavioral changes on carbon emissions

Why the social cost of carbon will always be disputed

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