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Job characteristics and staying engaged in work of nurses: Empirical evidence from Malaysia

The Differential Impacts of Collective Psychological Ownership and Membership Identification on Work Burnout and Engagement

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Reciprocal relationships between dispositional optimism and work experiences: A five-wave longitudinal investigation.

A Study of Factors in the U.S. Automotive Industry that Influence Use and Procurement Outcomes for Electronic Supply Chain Management (eSCM)

A meta-analysis of the relations between personality and workplace deviance: Big Five versus HEXACO

Modeling and predicting dynamics of heterogeneous workloads for cloud environments

Explainable modeling of annotations in crowdsourcing

Using Structural Similarity to Predict Future Workload Behavior in the Cloud

Human thermal risk prediction in indoor hyperthermal environments based on random forest

Research on Global Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis(SA) Algorithms Based on the Development of Energy Internet

Predicting Occupational Exposures to Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers Based on Workplace Determinants Modeling

Comparing domain- and facet-level relations of the HEXACO personality model with workplace deviance: A meta-analysis

Experimental investigation and numerical modelling on the performance assessments of evacuated U – Tube solar collector systems

Eye-Tracking Metrics Predict Perceived Workload in Robotic Surgical Skills Training

Predicting and preventing heat stress related excessive exposures and injuries: A field-friendly tool for the safety professional

Individual cognitive factors affecting unsafe acts among Iranian industrial workers: An integrative meta-synthesis interpretive structural modeling (ISM) approach

Comparing the situation and person-based predictors of work–family conflict among married working professionals in India

Predicting Workload Experienced in a Flight Test by Measuring Workload in a Flight Simulator.

Emotional Intelligence, Subjective Wellbeing, and Work-Family Conflict Among University Lecturers

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Predicting Work 작업 예측

Predicting Work 작업 예측
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