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Factors Associated With Parent-Adolescent Communication on Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues in Urban Slums of Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria.

Occupational balance, work and life satisfaction in working cohabiting parents in Sweden

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Parental and job burnout in a Chinese sample

Early adolescents’ parent–child communication and friendship quality: A cross-lagged analysis

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A mixed methods exploration of community providers’ perceived barriers and facilitators to the use of parent training with Medicaid-enrolled clients with autism

Child-related attributions of hostile intent and harsh discipline: Moderating effects of anger.

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Health belief model factors as predictors of parental misclassification of the weight of the preschool child

Persepsi tentang Usia Pernikahan Perempuan dan Jumlah Anak yang Diharapkan: Mampukah Memprediksi Praktek Pengasuhan Orang Tua?

Parental Warmth and Hostility and the Development of Psychopathic Behaviors: A Longitudinal Study of Young Offenders

مستويات الإجهاد الوالدي واستراتيجيات التکيف لدى أمهات الأطفال والمراهقين من ذوي الإعاقة في ضوء بعض المتغيرات الديموجرافية. دراسة مقارنة Parental stress levels and coping strategies of mothers of children and adolescents with disabilities In view of some demographic variables.

Predictors of Parental Contentment with the Amount of Encouraging Digital Feedback from Teachers in Finnish Schools

Developmental pathways from maternal emotion dysregulation to parenting behaviors and adolescent emotion lability: interactive effects of youth ADHD symptoms and sex

Intergenerational effects of witnessing domestic violence: Health of the witnesses and their children

Predictors of parenting self-agency among mothers receiving substance abuse or mental health treatment.

Parental Empathy, Aggressive Parenting, and Child Adjustment in a Noncustodial High-Risk Sample.

Results of Surgical and Medical Rehabilitation for Adult Patients With Type III Intestinal Failure in a Comprehensive Unit Today: Building a New Model to Predict Parenteral Nutrition Independency.

It Takes Two to Tango: Multi-Directional, Dynamic Influences on Parenting Behavior

Predicting what mothers feed their preschoolers: Guided by an extended theory of planned behaviour

Reading interest and family literacy practices from prekindergarten to kindergarten: Contributions from a cross-lagged analysis

How Do Mothers’ Parental Attributions Affect Child Outcomes from a Positive Parenting Intervention? A Mediation Study

Self-compassion: A Novel Predictor of Stress and Quality of Life in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Exploring parenting stress levels and its predicting factors in parents of children with developmental coordination disorder

Parent Food and Eating Behavior Assessments Predict Targeted Healthy Eating Index Components.

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Predict Parent 상위 예측

Predict Parent 상위 예측
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