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Precipitation Process sentence examples within transform infrared spectroscopy

An affordable efficient SrWO4 decorated Bi2O3 nanocomposite: Photocatalytic activity for the degradation of methylene blue under visible light irradiation

High-efficient decomplexation of Cu-EDTA and Cu removal by high-frequency non-thermal plasma oxidation/alkaline precipitation

Precipitation Process sentence examples within doped cerium oxide

Electrochemical Sensitive Detection of Hydrazine Through Cobalt Doped Cerium Oxide Nanostructured Platform

Electrochemical sensitive detection of hydrazine through cobalt-doped cerium oxide nanostructured platform

Precipitation Process sentence examples within scanning electron microscopy

Effect of Organic Substances on Nutrients Recovery by Struvite Electrochemical Precipitation from Synthetic Anaerobically Treated Swine Wastewater

Magnetic boron nitride nanosheets as a novel magnetic solid-phase extraction adsorbent for the determination of plant growth regulators in tomatoes.

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Chemical Precipitation Process

Limestone-Gypsum Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewater Treatment

Synthesis of eggshell derived hydroxyapatite via chemical precipitation and calcination method

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Carbonate Precipitation Process

Preliminary exploration of molybdenum isotope fractionation during coprecipitation of molybdate with abiotic and microbial calcite

Metagenomic Insights Into Ecosystem Function in the Microbial Mats of a Large Hypersaline Coastal Lagoon System

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Phase Precipitation Process

Direct/indirect effects of aerosols and their separate contributions to Typhoon Lupit (2009): Eyewall versus peripheral rainbands


Precipitation Process sentence examples within Antisolvent Precipitation Process

Hydrophilic and Functionalized Nanographene Oxide Incorporated Faster Dissolving Megestrol Acetate

Spinning Disk Reactor to Produce Nanoparticles: Applications and Best Operating Variables

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Acid Precipitation Process

Separation and recovery of alkali lignin and NaOH based on size exclusion methodology

Catalytic degradation of methylene blue in aqueous solution by H2O2 and SiO2-NH2-Cu(II)@SiO2 nanoparticles as catalyst

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Ethanol Precipitation Process

Process characterization for ethanol precipitation of Salviae miltiorrhizae Radix et Rhizoma (Danshen) using 1H NMR spectroscopy and chemometrics

Design Space Calculation and Continuous Improvement Considering a Noise Parameter: A Case Study of Ethanol Precipitation Process Optimization for Carthami Flos Extract

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Heavy Precipitation Process

Performance evaluation of IMERG precipitation products during typhoon Lekima (2019)

Analysis on Evolution Characteristics of Hydrometeors in South China Based on Lagrange Tracking Method

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Assisted Precipitation Process

Polymer surfactant (Triton-100) assisted low cost method for preparing silver and graphene oxide modified Bi-MnOx nanocomposite for enhanced sensor and anti-microbial health care applications

Structural Analysis of Calcium Phosphate-Based Submicrospheres with Internally-Crystallized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Fabricated by a Laser-Assisted Precipitation Process

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Homogeneou Precipitation Process

Synthesis, characterization and formation mechanism of pompon-like Lu2O2SO4: Eu3+ phosphors via a facile homogeneous precipitation method followed by calcination

Core-shell type Tourmaline@ZnO composites equipped with carbon dots for high efficiency photocatalyst

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Situ Precipitation Process

High-Strength GO/PA66 Nanocomposite Fibers via In Situ Precipitation and Polymerization

Preparation of novel 0D/2D Ag2WO4/WO3 Step-scheme heterojunction with effective interfacial charges transfer for photocatalytic contaminants degradation and mechanism insight

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Stage Precipitation Process

Helium ion irradiation enhanced precipitation and the impact on cavity formation in a HfNbZrTi refractory high entropy alloy

Modeling study on influence of surface pore water on slope stability of mountain tunnel

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Subsequent Precipitation Process

Selective extraction of rare earths and lithium from rare earth fluoride molten-salt electrolytic slag by sulfation

Interfacial microstructural characterization and mechanical properties of inertia friction welding of 2219 aluminum alloy to 304 stainless steel

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Immersion Precipitation Process

Preparation and anti-fouling performance of polyvinylidene fluoride composite membranes modified with different contents of TiO2/GO

High flux and complete dyes removal from water by reduced graphene oxide laminate on Poly Vinylidene Fluoride/graphene oxide membranes.

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Calcite Precipitation Process

Experimental research on the influence of heterogeneous distribution of oil and water on calcite cementation from external sources during multiple oil emplacements in clastic reservoirs

Application of bio-cementation to enhance shear strength parameters of soil-steel interface

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Affinity Precipitation Process

Affinity Precipitation of Monoclonal Antibodies using ELP-Z in the Elution without Resolubilization Mode.

Separation and purification of horseradish peroxidase from horseradish roots using a novel integrated method

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Wet Precipitation Process

Synthesis and Characterization of Hydroxyapatite- (HAP-) Clay Composites and Adsorption Studies on Methylene Blue for Water Treatment

Super fine cerium hydroxide abrasives for SiO2 film chemical mechanical planarization performing scratch free

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Phosphate Precipitation Process

Purification of spent electrolyte by sequential precipitation method and its on-line monitoring

A novel separation method of the valuable components for activated clay production wastewater

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Sulfide Precipitation Process

Hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity of metal sulfide particles as a determinator of aggregation performance in wastewater

Changing the conventional clarification method in metal sulfide precipitation by a membrane-based filtration process

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Facile Precipitation Process

Facile utilization of magnetic MnO2@Fe3O4@sulfonated carbon sphere for selective removal of hazardous Pb(II) ion with an excellent capacity: Adsorption behavior/isotherm/kinetic/thermodynamic studies

Construct interesting CuS/TiO2 architectures for effective removal of Cr(VI) in simulated wastewater via the strong synergistic adsorption and photocatalytic process.

Precipitation Process sentence examples within Hydrolysi Precipitation Process

A comprehensive research on BiFeO3/TiO2 nanocomposite synthesized via thermal treatment/hydrolysis precipitation method

Controlled Hydrothermal Precipitation of Alunite and Natroalunite in High-Aluminum Vanadium-Bearing Aqueous System

Precipitation Process sentence examples within precipitation process followed

Incorporating W cations into ZnO nanosheets: an efficient method towards ZnO/ZnWO4 photocatalysts for highly effective degradation of organic compounds under UV and visible-light irradiation

Effect of 3D Metal on Electrochemical Properties of Sodium Intercalation Cathode P2-NaxMe1/3Mn2/3O2 (M = Co, Ni, or Fe)

Precipitation Process sentence examples within precipitation process occurring

The Initial Formation of the Skin Layer of PLGA Microparticles.

Textural, trace elemental and sulfur isotopic signatures of arsenopyrite and pyrite from the Mandongshan gold deposit (west Junggar, NW China): Implications for the conditions of gold mineralization

Precipitation Process sentence examples within precipitation process without

Nickel-rich NiCo LDHs Supported on Hollow Carbon Shells for Hybrid Supercapacitors

Bottom-up formation of gold truncated pyramids smaller than 10 nm on SrTiO3 nanocubes: an application for plasmonic water oxidation.

Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO from Thermal Decomposition of Precipitated Zinc Oxalate Dihydrate as an Anode Material of Li-Ion Batteries

Establishment and Analysis of Spatiotemporal Variation Hydrological Model of Distributed Rainfall and Evaporation in Biliu River Basin

Bioinspired synthesis of protein-posnjakite organic-inorganic nanobiohybrid for biosensing applications.

Integrative data-driven approaches for characterization & prediction of aerosol-cloud processes

Modeling the precipitation processes and the formation of hierarchical microstructures in a single crystal high entropy superalloy

Maintenance of the Metastable State and Induced Precipitation of Dissolved Neodymium (III) in an Na2CO3 Solution

Jolts in the Jade factory: A route for subduction fluids and their implications for mantle wedge seismicity

Modeling pesticides in global surface soils: Evaluating spatiotemporal patterns for USEtox-based steady-state concentrations.

Nickle-ion-substituted ceria nanoparticles-based electrochemical sensor for sensitive detection of thiourea

Preparation, Properties, and Microbial Impact of Tungsten (VI) Oxide and Zinc (II) Oxide Nanoparticles Enriched Polyethylene Sebacate Nanocomposites

[Distribution Characteristics and Source Analysis of Water-soluble Ions in Particulate Matter Under Different Weather Processes in Nanjing].

A vacancy-free sodium manganese hexacyanoferrate as cathode for sodium-ion battery by high-salt-concentration preparation

Additive effect of rod-like magnetite/sepiolite composite particles on magnetorheology

Precipitation processes over Indian region under different environmental conditions from in situ measurements

Competing nucleation of single- and double-layer Guinier–Preston zones in Al–Cu alloys

Genesis of the Gangcha gold deposit, West Qinling Orogen, China: Constraints from Rb-Sr geochronology, in-situ sulfur isotopes and trace element geochemistry of pyrite

Enhanced fenton-like catalysis by facilely prepared nano-scale NCFOH/HKUST composites with synergistic effect for dye degradation

The yellow and the black of synthetic melanins

Meteorological observations collected during the Storms and Precipitation Across the continental Divide Experiment (SPADE), April–June 2019

Isolation Mg(OH)2 from Dolomite with Extraction Process used HNO3

Morphology transformation of barium titanate nanostructures in molten salt medium

Involvement of different hemoprotein thiol groups of Oncorhynchus mykiss in cadmium toxicity.

New Insights on the Self-Assembly of Bio-sourced Block Copolymer MH-b-PS in Aqueous Solutions: Nanocorals, Cubosomes & Nanocubes

Sustainable synthesis of multiple-metal-doped Fe2O3 nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic performance from Fe-bearing dust

Effects of Mg compounds in hydroxylated calcined dolomite as an effective and sustainable substitute of lime to precipitate as ettringite for treatment of selenite/selenate in aqueous solution

TCPP-Isoliensinine Nanoparticles for Mild-Temperature Photothermal Therapy

Ferric iron incorporation promotes brushite hydrolysis and enhances cadmium immobilization.

Vinyl Copolymers with Faster Hydrolytic Degradation than Aliphatic Polyesters and Tunable Upper Critical Solution Temperatures

Preparation of a CeO2–ZrO2 based nano-composite with enhanced thermal stability by a novel chelating precipitation method

[Distribution and Removal of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment Plants].

The Effect of using a New Parameterization of Nucleation in the WRF-Chem model on the Cluster Formation Rate and Particle Number Concentration in a Passive Volcanic Plume

One-step synthesis of cyclic polypyrazole and the self-assembly vesicles driven by hydrogen bond

Machine Learning based Precipitation Types Classification from GEO Satellite Observations: Diagnostic Model

One-pot synthesis of magnetic self-assembled carrageenan-ε-polylysine composites: A reusable and effective antibacterial agent against Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris.

Water in Mining and Environment for Sustainability

Intelligent Identification of Convective Cloud Cores and Surrounding Stratiform Clouds

Prediction of precipitation kinetics and strengthening in FeMnAlC lightweight steels

An investigation on the promoting effect of Pr modification on SO2 resistance over MnOx catalysts for selective reduction of NO with NH3

Facile synthesis and characterization of WO3/CuWO4 nanocomposites for the removal of toxic methylene blue dye

Transport and coarsening of gold nanoparticles in an orogenic deposit by dissolution–reprecipitation and Ostwald ripening

Evaluation of the RNA extraction methods in different Ginkgo biloba L. tissues

Temperature effect on gypsum-bearing soil and supported (building) foundations: The case of the Central Storage Facility of Villar de Cañas, Spain

Synthesis of freestanding 2D CuO nanosheets at room temperature through a simple surfactant free co-precipitation process and its application as electrode material in supercapacitors

Improving electrochemical performance of Li-rich cathode materials via adjusting the components

Effects of chemical precipitation on the permeability of geotextile envelopes for subsurface drainage systems in arid areas

Preparation, Properties, and Microbial Impact of Tungsten (VI) Oxide and Zinc (II) Oxide Nanoparticles Enriched Polyethylene Sebacate Nanocomposites

The nanoscale strain assignment behavior of icosahedral quasicrystalline phase T2-Al6CuLi3 in cast Al-Li alloys

Atomic-scale study of compositional and structural evolution of early-stage grain boundary precipitation in Al–Cu alloys through phase-field crystal simulation

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