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Patient perspectives on the implementation of routinised syphilis screening with HIV viral load testing: Qualitative process evaluation of the Enhanced Syphilis Screening Among HIV-positive Men trial

Conceptual model for intensive care nurse work well-being: A qualitative secondary analysis.

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Practice, Preferences, and Practical Tips From Primary Care Physicians to Improve the Care of Cancer Survivors.

337 Barriers to Laparoscopic Surgical Training for Abdominal Conditions in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICS): A Systematic Review

Recent Development of Unpowered Exoskeletons for Lower Extremity: A Survey

About the possibility of identification of articles from steels, aluminum, copper and alloys on their basis on the expanded micro-impurity elemental composition

Problems and Countermeasures in the Cultivation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability among College Students in China

The reconfiguration of social, digital and physical presence: From online church to church online

Методологические аспекты реализации механизма финансирования проектов ГЧП

Pivoting technology: understanding working conditions in the time of COVID-19

Creativity And Innovation Thinking

Barriers to training in laparoscopic surgery in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review

The scientific event – a visibility factor for the university brand

An Increasing Need for Formality (Keynote)

Modular design: Implementing proven engineering principles in biotechnology.

Factors that affect general practice as a choice of medical speciality: implications for policy development.

Research on the Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the New Era

A Theory-Based and Culturally Aligned Training Program on Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention for South Asian Community Health Workers: A Feasibility Study

Exome sequences and multi‐environment field trials elucidate the genetic basis of adaptation in barley

Systematically Prioritizing Candidates in Genome-Based Drug Repurposing

College English Teaching Reform and Its Countermeasures

The Mind: Discipleship that Forms the Thoughts of Christians—Reflections on Dallas Willard’s Thinking on the Mind (Thoughts)

The Relationship among Practical Teaching Competence, Theoretical Teaching Competence, and Teaching Efficacy of Practical Arts (Technology and Home Economics Education) Teachers

Solved Exercises and Homework Problems

Three-Dimensional Assessment of Morphological Changes Following Nasoalveolar Molding Therapy in Cleft Lip and Palate Patients: A Case Report

“The Closer, the Better:” The Role of Telehealth in Increasing Contraceptive Access Among Women in Rural South Carolina


Genome size reduction: design and analysis of a minimal metabolic network for yeast

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Practical Opportunities 실용적인 기회

Practical Opportunities 실용적인 기회
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