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Powered Systems sentence examples within energy harvesting technology

High Humidity-Resistive Triboelectric Nanogenerator via Coupling of Dielectric Materials Selection and Surface-Charge Engineering

Triboelectric nanogenerator—Progress and perspectives

Powered Systems sentence examples within Solar Powered Systems

Solar Radiation Climatology in Camagüey, Cuba (1981-2016)

Analysis of Solar and Fossil Fuel Powered Base Transceiver Stations

Powered Systems sentence examples within Harvesting Powered Systems

Checkpointing-aware Data Allocation for Energy Harvesting Powered Non-volatile Processors

Review of Power Conversion and Energy Management for Low-Power, Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensors

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Powered Systems sentence examples within Low Powered Systems

Thermoelectric generation in a PCM-based energy accumulator

A lightweight inter-zonal authentication protocol for moving objects in low powered RF systems

Powered Systems sentence examples within powered systems toward

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Future Wireless Networks: A Channel Modeling Perspective

Energy harvesting and wireless power transmission by a hybridized electromagnetic–triboelectric nanogenerator

Powered Systems sentence examples within powered systems increasingly

Expanding Explainability: Towards Social Transparency in AI systems

Using an Artificial Neural Network to Predict Flame Spread Across Electrical Wires

Wireless Power Transfer System Design for Low-Rate In-Cabin Applications

Porosity modulated piezo-triboelectric hybridized nanogenerator for sensing small energy impacts

A stretchable and conductive fiber for multifunctional sensing and energy harvesting

Wireless Technologies for Energy Harvesting and Transmission for Ambient Self-Powered Systems.

Experimental study of single screw expander with different oil-gas separators in compressed air powered system

RFInsole: Batteryless Gait-Monitoring Smart Insole Based on Passive RFID Tags

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Triboelectric nanogenerators for scavenging biomechanical energy: fabrication process to its self-powered applications

Power density improvement based on investigation of initial relative position in an electromagnetic energy harvester with self-powered applications

Analyzing the Environmental Burden of an Aquaponics System using LCA

Design, manufacturing and applications of wearable triboelectric nanogenerators

Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation.

Stretchable wideband dipole antennas and rectennas for RF energy harvesting.

Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Effective Screening of COVID-19

Printed Honeycomb-Structured Reduced Graphene Oxide Film for Efficient and Continuous Evaporation-Driven Electricity Generation from Salt Solution.

New Progress on Fiber-Based Thermoelectric Materials: Performance, Device Structures and Applications

Dielectric liquid-based self-operating switch triboelectric nanogenerator for current amplification via regulating air breakdown

Electrospun PVDF-TrFE/MXene Nanofiber Mat-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Smart Home Appliances.

Progress on Self-Powered Wearable and Implantable Systems Driven by Nanogenerators

Recent developments of hybrid piezo–triboelectric nanogenerators for flexible sensors and energy harvesters

Regulation of nanocrystals structure for high-performance magnetic triboelectric nanogenerator

Progress and Perspectives in Designing Flexible Microsupercapacitors

Carbon fiber reinforced Zn–MnO2 structural composite batteries

Fully Printed Unobtrusive and Skin-conformable Piezoelectric Energy Harvester

AES Sbox Acceleration Schemes for Low-Cost SoCs

A Novel RF Spectrum Monitoring Architecture for an Ultra-Low-Power Wi-Fi Geopositioning System

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Nanostructured Biosensors and Integrated Systems for Health Monitoring

Dual-photoelectrode photoelectrochemical cell exploiting a photoanode based on cadmium sulfide and anatase TiO2 photocatalysts for tannic acid detection

A Survey of Wireless Battery Management System: Topology, Emerging Trends, and Challenges

Recent Advances in Electrochemical Sensors for Wearable Sweat Monitoring: A Review

Wireless, battery-free, and fully implantable electrical neurostimulation in freely moving rodents

AI Ethics for Sustainable Development Goals

Wireless, Battery-free Platforms for Collection of Biosignals

Rotational pulsed triboelectric nanogenerators integrated with synchronously triggered mechanical switches for high efficiency self-powered systems

Optimizing of Q-Learning Day/Night Energy Strategy for Solar Harvesting Environmental Wireless Sensor Networks Nodes

State-of-health prediction of lithium-ion battery based on improved gate recurrent unit

Stretchable, Stable, and Degradable Silk Fibroin Enabled by Mesoscopic Doping for Finger Motion Triggered Color/Transmittance Adjustment.

Behavioral Modeling of DC/DC Converters in Self-Powered Sensor Systems with Modelica

A survey on program-state retention for transiently-powered systems

Integration of a porous wood-based triboelectric nanogenerator and gas sensor for real-time wireless food-quality assessment

Triboelectric Effect Enabled Self-Powered, Point-of-Care Diagnostics: Opportunities for Developing ASSURED and REASSURED Devices

Wearable Thermoelectric Materials and Devices for Self-Powered Electronic Systems.

Biocompatible and biodegradable triboelectric nanogenerators based on hyaluronic acid hydrogel film

Enhanced output and wearable performances of triboelectric nanogenerator based on ePTFE microporous membranes for motion monitoring

Fabrication of nanofibrous sensors by electrospinning

Energy-Oriented Trajectory Optimization of Solar Aircraft using fmincon Function in MATLAB

Plant Microbial Fuel Cells-Based Energy Harvester System for Self-powered IoT Applications

Textile‐Based Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Self‐Powered Wearable Electronics

Grid-Assisted Rooftop Solar PV System: A Step toward Green Medina, KSA

Hybrid piezo/triboelectric nanogenerator for highly efficient and stable rotation energy harvesting

Power generation from graphene-water interactions

The design and impact of in-situ and operando thermal sensing for smart energy storage

A self-powered counter/timer based on a clock pointer-like frequency-tunable triboelectric nanogenerator for wind speed detecting

More Powered Systems 전원 시스템 sentence examples

PVDF: ZnO/BaTiO3 as high out-put piezoelectric nanogenerator

Intelligent Nano-Ground Based on Triboelctric Nanogenerator for Motion Tracking

Efficient regeneration of activated carbon electrode by half-wave rectified alternating fields in capacitive deionization system

Boosting the Efficient Energy Output of Electret Nanogenerators by Suppressing Air Breakdown under Ambient Conditions.

Crowd-Powered Systems to Diminish the Effects of Semantic Drift

Optical Underwater Communication: The Potential of Using Converted Green LEDs in Coastal Waters

Artificial Intelligence: A Strategic Disruption in Public Relations

Recent advance in new-generation integrated devices for energy harvesting and storage

Macroscopic self-assembly network of encapsulated high-performance triboelectric nanogenerators for water wave energy harvesting

Development and testing of a passive Walking Assist Exoskeleton

Two-dimensional MoS2-enabled flexible rectenna for Wi-Fi-band wireless energy harvesting

Integrated Triboelectric Nanogenerators in the Era of the Internet of Things

Nanogenerators as a Sustainable Power Source: State of Art, Applications, and Challenges


Towards Hybrid Crowd-AI Centered Systems: Developing an Integrated Framework from an Empirical Perspective

Probabilistic Approach Versus Machine Learning for One-Shot Quad-Tree Prediction in an Intra HEVC Encoder

DC2S2: Designing Crowd-powered Creativity Support Systems

Metaheuristic optimization method for compact reactor radiation shielding design based on genetic algorithm

Enhanced output performance on LbL multilayer PVDF-TrFE piezoelectric films for charging supercapacitor

Motility of Enzyme-Powered Vesicles

Accumulative Display Updating for Intermittent Systems

Multifunctional piezoelectric elastomer composites for smart biomedical or wearable electronics

Recent advances in triboelectric nanogenerator based self-charging power systems

A low power high speed MTJ based non-volatile SRAM cell for energy harvesting based IoT applications

Wearable and Implantable Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Development of a Novel Battery-Powered DC-AC System

Fabrication and application of an adjustable myoelectric transhumeral prosthetic socket

System-Level Energy-Aware Design Methodology Towards End-To-End Response Time Optimization

Optimizing the energy balance to achieve autonomous self-powering for vigilant health and IoT applications

Fiber-Based Energy Conversion Devices for Human-Body Energy Harvesting.

An Enhanced Hybrid Battery Model

A laser ablated graphene-based flexible self-powered pressure sensor for human gestures and finger pulse monitoring

Adaptive Approach for Intelligent Web to Enhance Business Intelligence Applications

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Powered Systems 전원 시스템

Powered Systems 전원 시스템
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