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Electromagnetic Energy Balance Equations and Poynting Theorem

Satellite Machine-Type Communication for Maritime Internet of Things: An Interference Perspective

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GRAPH mixing.

Graviton-photon mixing

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Assessing the operating temperature of multi-junction solar cells with novel rear side layer stack and local electrical contacts

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Quantum-based satellite free space optical communication and microwave photonics

Action of Shocks Generated in Solid Targets by Dense Plasma Focus Devices and at Pulsed Laser Irradiation

Machine-Learning Detection Algorithms for Large Barkhausen Jumps in Cluttered Environment

Construction of the Approximate Solution to the Problems of Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves by Small Particles with the Use of the Pattern Equation Method

The Thirsty Village

Directional Characteristics of In-phase Self-complementary Radiators

Design and analysis of an isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter with wide band-gap devices for a fuel cell vehicle

Characteristics and Applicability of Frequency Sharing Criteria in the Broadcasting Satellite Link

Investigation and Modeling of Large Barkhausen Jumps Dynamics in Low-Power Fluxgate Magnetometers

On the Propagation of a Circularly Polarized Electromagnetic Wave Through a Temporal Interface Between Air and a Magneto Plasma

Characterization of CO2 laser browning of dough

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Power Flux 전력 플럭스

Power Flux 전력 플럭스
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