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Cold plasma hydrophilization of soy protein isolate and milk protein concentrate enables manufacturing of surfactant-free water suspensions. Part I: Hydrophilization of food powders using cold plasma

New Method for Optimization of Polymer Powder Plasma Treatment for Composite Materials

Drug powders with tunable wettability by atomic and molecular layer deposition: From highly hydrophilic to superhydrophobic

Development of Powder-Based 3D Concrete Printing Using Geopolymers

The Self-Assembly Phenomenon of Poloxamers and Its Effect on the Dissolution of a Poorly Soluble Drug from Solid Dispersions Obtained by Solvent Methods

Heat Transfer Evaluation During Twin-Screw Wet Granulation in View of Detailed Process Understanding

Printability, accuracy and strength of geopolymer made using powder-based 3D printing for construction applications

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Powder Wettability 분말 습윤성

Powder Wettability 분말 습윤성
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