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Powder Used sentence examples within Metal Powder Used

Improved Corrosion Resistance of Selective Laser Melted Ti–5Cu Alloy Using Atomized Ti–5Cu Powder

Additive Manufacturing of Steel and Copper Using Fused Layer Modelling: Material and Process Development

Powder Used sentence examples within Glas Powder Used

Mechanical Properties of Mortars Containing Waste Glass Powder

Determination of the effect of exopolysaccharide (EPS) from Lactobacillus brevis E25 on adhesion of food powders on the surfaces, using the centrifuge technique

Powder Used sentence examples within Steel Powder Used

Preparation and printability of high performance 15Cr13MoY alloy steel powder for direct laser deposition

Evaluation of the amount of nanoparticles emitted in LASER additive manufacture/welding

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Powder Used sentence examples within Vancomycin Powder Used

Study of antibiotic efficacy of topical vancomycin powder in treatment of infected mandibular fractures and soft tissue surgical site infections

Partial single-stage revision for chronic infected total hip arthroplasty

Observation on Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide Addition as Cationic Surfactant on Water-based Carbon Microfluid Performance for Quench Medium in Heat Treatment Process

[Possible use of carbon nanotubes as taggants in gunpowder for small firearms cartridges].

Processing LDS-Circuit Boards by Selective Laser Sintering

Biochemical and histopathological effects of sub-acute exposure of albino rats to fumigants – dichlorvos and cypermethrin

Porosity Formation and Meltpool Geometry Analysis Using High-speed, in situ Imaging of Directed Energy Deposition

Powders for powder bed fusion: a review

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Powder Used 사용된 분말

Powder Used 사용된 분말
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