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A framework for the derivation of dynamic process models for sieving

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Evaluation of Surface Roughness of Some Biomedical Titanium Alloys by Pack Cementation Coating

Investigating the Effects of Nano Ceramics based Pack Cementation Coatings on Properties of some Biomedical Ti Alloys

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Improvement and Optimization of the Hardness for the Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Using Eggshell

Effect of Addition of Tungsten Carbide on the Structural and Physical Properties of an Aluminum-Based System By Powder Method

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The Effect of Nanostructured Zirconia Reinforcement on the Mechanical and Structural Properties of a Copper-Based System

Effect of 〖ZrO〗_2 and Y_2 O_3 Deposition on Biological Behavior of Ti-Base Alloys

Enhancement The Properties of Aluminum by Adding Boron Carbide by the Powder method

Effect of the crystalline layer on the electrical behaviour of 17.7Li2O·5.2ZrO2·68.1SiO2·9.0Al2O3 glass ceramic monoliths

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Hematite crystal growth in high-temperature lead-free multicomponent alkali borosilicate glass frit for red overglaze enamels


Tribological Evaluation of Turbostratic 2D Graphite as Oil Additive

Utilization of zirconia nanoparticles for improving the electrical and physical characteristics of HV porcelain insulating material

Advanced electrode processing of lithium ion batteries: A review of powder technology in battery fabrication

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Structure formation in A.M. processes of Titanium and Ni-base alloys

Synthesis and Characterization Structure and Physical Properties [ 50-xTiNi – x Ag] Shape Memory Alloy

Investigations on vacuum sintered ytterbium-doped YAG ceramic: a laser–host material

Ionic conductivity of gamma-Al2O3 and Pb3O4 dopants in 8mol%YSZ as electrolyte in SOFC

[Development of Novel Functional Formulations Based on Pharmaceutical Technologies].

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoscale Tungsten Particles with Hollow Superstructure Using Spray Drying Combined with Calcination Process

Fundamentals of Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS): An Ideal Processing Technique for Fabrication of Metal Matrix Nanocomposites

Surface broken bonds: An efficient way to assess the surface behaviour of fluorite

Microstructural and magnetic characteristics of ceramic dispersion strengthened sintered stainless steels after thermal ageing

The Golden Age of Chivalry in the Iron Age of Gunpowder

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Efficient optimum safety factor approach for system reliability-based design optimization with application to composite yarns

Investigation of the effect of SiC content on the microstructure, physical properties and hardness of SiC/Ni composites

Synthesis and characterization of micro-spherical tungsten-molybdenum alloy particles using spray drying combined with microwave assisted calcination process

Controllable morphology, size and inner structure of Ru particles prepared by spray-pyrolysis

Use of Bypass Cement Dust from Al-Kufa Cement Factory for Production of Glass Ceramic Material

MHD graphene-polydimethylsiloxane Maxwell nanofluid flow in a squeezing channel with thermal radiation effects

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Powder Technology 분말 기술

Powder Technology 분말 기술
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