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The potential of transparent sputtered NaI:Tm2+, CaBr2:Tm2+, and CaI2:Tm2+ thin films as luminescent solar concentrators

Formation of ErAs Nanoparticles by Pulsed Laser Ablation of Pressed Powder Targets

Influence of magnesium and strontium substitutions in the structure of hydroxyapatite lattice on the deposition rate and properties of the CaP coatings formed via RF-sputtering of the powder targets

Effect of deposition time on the photocatalytic activity of sputtered mixed ZnO–SnO2 thin films under visible light irradiation

Laser ablation in liquids for nanomaterial synthesis: diversities of targets and liquids

Nitride formation during reactive sputter deposition of multi-principal element alloys in argon/nitrogen mixtures

ZnO:Al thin films from (Al2O3)x(ZnO)(1-x) powder targets by magnetron sputtering

Sputter deposition of porous thin films from metal/NaCl powder targets

Control of magnesium alloy corrosion by bioactive calcium phosphate coating: Implications for resorbable orthopaedic implants

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Powder Targets 파우더 타겟

Powder Targets 파우더 타겟
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