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Spatiotemporal and emission characteristics of laser-induced plasmas from aluminum-zirconium composite powders

Additive Manufacturing of Steel and Copper Using Fused Layer Modelling: Material and Process Development

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Controlling the sizes of in-situ TiC nanoparticles for high-performance TiC/Al–Cu nanocomposites

Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis in a Ti−Al−C Powder System Using Different Carbon Precursors

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Effects of milling time and reductant content on the formation of HfC-HfB2 composite powders synthesized via a solid-state reaction route

In-situ synthesis of tungsten boride-carbide composite powders from WO3-B2O3–Mg–C quaternary system via a mechanochemical route

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Simulasi co-combustion batubara dan biomassa tandan kosong kelapa sawit tertorefaksi (torrefied biomass)

Measurement of hydrogen peroxide vapor in powders with potassium titanium oxide oxalate loaded cellulose pellets as probes

Progress in development of UV curable powder coatings

Investigation of the impulse impact effect in the process of additive manufacturing of metal products by plasma cladding

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Low energy mechanical treatment of non-stoichiometric titanium carbide powder

Additive manufacturing of NiZnCu-ferrite soft magnetic composites

Engineering Ceramics: Material Science and Technology Principles and Mechanisms for Development and Implementation of Ceramic Electrical Insulators for Various Scientific and Practical Purposes

The effect of Y2O3 on the grain growth and densification of W matrix during low temperature sintering: Experiments and modelling

Local magnetic anisotropy by polarized neutron powder diffraction: application of magnetically induced preferred crystallite orientation

Deuterium Rotating Frame NMR Relaxation Measurements in the Solid State under Static Conditions for Quantification of Dynamics.

Effect of material properties on the residence time distribution (RTD) characterization of powder blending unit operations. Part II of II: Application of models

Parametric Analysis to Quantify Process Input Influence on the Printed Densities of Binder Jetted Alumina Ceramics

Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of Avalanching Granular Flow Data

Anomalies of the Thermodynamic Parameters of the Heterogeneous Li2CO3–Na2CO3–K2CO3–MgO Nanopowder System

Investigation into the Influence of the Structure Dispersion and Homogeneity on the Properties of Powder Metastable Austenitic Carbide Steels and Diamond Tools

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Powder System 분말 시스템

Powder System 분말 시스템
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