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The influence of modification route on the properties of W-0.3 wt%Y2O3 powder and alloy prepared by nano-in-situ composite method

Laser additive manufacturing of oxide dispersion strengthened steels (Conference Presentation)

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New Battery Material by Powder Synthesis

Hydrogen reduction behavior and microstructural characteristics of WO3 and WO3-NiO powders

Development and Characterization Study of PZT & Quartz (SiO2) Piezoelectric Composite Materials with PVDF Based Polymer Thin Films

Progress in Preparation of ZrB2 Nanopowders Based on Traditional Solid-State Synthesis

Fabrication and characterization of Al2O3-TiB2 nanocomposite powder by mechanochemical processing

SHS Synthesis, SPS Densification and Mechanical Properties of Nanometric Tungsten

Nano-Porous-Silicon Powder as an Environmental Friend

Progress, challenges and potentials/trends of tungsten-copper (WCu) composites/pseudo-alloys: Fabrication, regulation and application

Use of rapid microwave sintering technique for the processing of magnesium-hydroxyapatite composites

Preparation of superfine cinnamon bark nanocrystalline powder using high energy ball mill and estimation of structural and antioxidant properties

Metals Powders: Synthesis and Processing

Low-cost fabrication of Li2TiO3 tritium breeding ceramic pebbles via low-temperature solid-state precursor method

Computational study of the industrial synthesis of tungsten powders

Synthesis of Copper Hydroxide Nitrate (Cu2(OH)3NO3) Micro-Sheets by Plasma Electrolysis of Cu(NO3)2 Aqueous Solution in Atmospheric Air

Combustion synthesis of ZrB2-TaB2-TaSi2 ceramics with microgradient grain structure and improved mechanical properties

Structural and bio-mineralization features of alumina zirconia composite influenced by the combined Ca2+ and PO43- additions.

Solid-State Electrolytes and Electrode Materials for Fuel Cell Application

Powder and Thin Film Synthesis

Electrochemical properties of porous Sr0.86Ti0.65Fe0.35O3 oxygen electrodes in solid oxide cells: Impedance study of symmetrical electrodes

Structural, charge density and bond length variations in c-Y2O3 influenced by progressive cerium additions

Conventional and Microwave Hydrothermal Synthesis and Application of Functional Materials: A Review

Synthesis and densification of ultra-fine ZrC powders-effects of C/Zr ratio

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Powder Synthesis 분말 합성

Powder Synthesis 분말 합성
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