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Effect of kumquat (Fortunella margarita) powders dried by different methods on some physical and chemical properties of cake

Quality Characteristics of Biscuits Fortified with Pomegranate Peel

Ice Cream Characteristic with Cured Egg Yolk Powder As Whipping Cream Replacer

Physicochemical Properties, Nutritional Composition and Sensory Acceptance of Chicken Meat Sausages with Chia Seed Powder Substitution

Experimental study of working performance and mechanical properties to rubber with limestone powder concrete

Utilization of Cockle Shell (Anadara Granosa) as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates in Concrete

Utilization of Jamun seed powder in composite cake formulation

Optimization Tile Waste Treatment as Pozzoland Active Material on Paving Block with Variation Parameter of Fuel Temperature

Waste shell powders as valuable bio- filler in gypsum plaster – Efficient waste management technique by effective utilization

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Powder Substitution 분말 대체

Powder Substitution 분말 대체
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