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Spatial Mapping of Powder Layer Density for Metal Additive Manufacturing via X-ray Microscopy

Comparison of roller-spreading and blade-spreading processes in powder-bed additive manufacturing by DEM simulations

Powder Spreading sentence examples within powder bed fusion

A layer-wise multi-defect detection system for powder bed monitoring: Lighting strategy for imaging, adaptive segmentation and classification

Effects of spreader geometry on powder spreading process in powder bed additive manufacturing

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Modeling and simulation of powder spreading of Inconel 625 based on 3DP process

Discrete-Element Simulation of Powder Spreading Process in Binder Jetting, and the Effects of Powder Size

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Flowability of steel and tool steel powders: A comparison between testing methods

A laboratory-scale binder jet additive manufacturing testbed for process exploration and material development.

Investigation of Elimination of Powder Spreading in Manufacture of Thin and Wide Preheating Beads from Co-Cr Alloy Powders Using a P-ebeam

Modeling of effect of powder spreading on green body dimensional accuracy in additive manufacturing by binder jetting

Powder condition and spreading parameter impact on green and sintered density in metal binder jetting

Research on Feature Extraction of Local Binary Pattern of SLM Powder Bed Gray Image

Particle scale modelling of powder spreading in powder bed fusion additive manufacturing

Numerical simulation of powder flow during spreading in additive manufacturing

Part-scale build orientation optimization for minimizing residual stress and support volume for metal additive manufacturing: Theory and experimental validation

Towards predicting differences in fatigue performance of laser powder bed fused Ti-6Al-4V coupons from the same build

Powder-scale multi-physics modeling of multi-layer multi-track selective laser melting with sharp interface capturing method

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Powder Spreading 분말 살포

Powder Spreading 분말 살포
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