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Study on the feeding characteristics of pulverized coal for entrained-flow gasification

Feasibility study to investigate caking in washing powder formulations using a Freeman FT4 powder rheometer

110th Anniversary: Slurryability: What Makes a Powder Hard To Incorporate into a Slurry?

Granulation of Waste from Mineral Processing

Understanding the caking behavior of amorphous jujube powder by powder rheometer

Continuous twin screw granulation: Impact of the starting material properties and various process parameters

A surface characterization platform approach to study Flowability of food powders

Assessment of the effect of Cellets’ particle size on the flow in a Wurster fluid-bed coater via powder rheology

On the mechanism of colloidal silica action to improve flow properties of pharmaceutical excipients.

Rheological properties of alumina powder mixtures investigated using shear tests

Advances in Powder Flow Characterization by Freeman Technology using FT4 Powder Rheometer

Exploring the influence of drug content on DPI powder properties and potential prediction of pulmonary drug deposition.

Powder caking and cohesion behaviours of coffee powders as affected by roasting and particle sizes: Principal component analyses (PCA) for flow and bioactive properties

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Powder Rheometer 분말 레오미터

Powder Rheometer 분말 레오미터
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