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Powder Properties sentence examples within scanning electron microscopy

Modulation of the Powder Properties of Lamotrigine by Crystal Forms.

Powder Properties sentence examples within Different Powder Properties

Development of a Controlled Continuous Low-Dose Feeding Process.

Encapsulation of citrulline extract from watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) by-product using spray drying

Powder Properties sentence examples within Poor Powder Properties

Improvement of a semipermeable shell for encapsulation of calcium hydroxide for thermochemical heat storage solutions

Particle design of the metastable form of clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate by building spherulitic growth operating spaces in binary solvent systems

Powder Properties sentence examples within Improved Powder Properties

Modulation of the Powder Properties of Lamotrigine by Crystal Forms.

The Novel Use of PVP K30 as Templating Agent in Production of Porous Lactose

Powder Properties sentence examples within Feedstock Powder Properties

Influence of simultaneous Cr2O3 and TiO2 additions on the microstructure and properties of APS alumina coatings

Effect of metal powder properties on the deposition characteristics of cold-sprayed Ti6Al4V-TiC coatings: An experimental and finite element study

Powder Properties sentence examples within Pharmaceutical Powder Properties

Synchrotron-based X-ray in-situ imaging techniques for advancing the understanding of pharmaceutical granulation.

Understanding Morphological Evolution of GriseofulvinParticles into Hierarchical Microstructures during Liquid AntisolventPrecipitation

Powder Properties sentence examples within Known Powder Properties

A Numerical Investigation Into the Heat Transfer Performance and Particle Dynamics of a Compressible, Highly Mass Loaded, High Reynolds Number, Particle Laden Flow

A Numerical Investigation Into the Heat Transfer Performance and Particle Dynamics of a Compressible, Highly Mass Loaded, High Reynolds Number, Particle Laden Flow

Powder Properties sentence examples within Bulk Powder Properties

Influence of nitrogen gas injection and agglomeration during spray drying on the physical and bulk handling properties of milk protein concentrate powders

The effect of powder age in high speed sintering of poly(propylene)

Powder Properties sentence examples within Dairy Powder Properties

Influence of mechanical integrity during pneumatic conveying on the bulk handling and rehydration properties of agglomerated dairy powders

Dairy powder breakage: Mechanisms, characterization methods, impacted properties and influencing factors

Effect of powder size and processing parameters on surface, density and mechanical properties of 316L elaborated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Comparison of the Processability and Influence on the Microstructure of Different Starting Powder Blends for Laser Powder Bed Fusion of a Fe3.5Si1.5C Alloy

Spheroidisation of Stainless Steel Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Characterization of recycled AISI 904L superaustenitic steel powder and influence on selective laser melted parts

The Influence of Particle Shape, Powder Flowability, and Powder Layer Density on Part Density in Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Optimization of foaming process: drying behaviour, physicochemical, and powder properties of hot air-assisted foam-mat dried nectarine

Spray-dried and freeze-dried sourdough powders: Properties and evaluation of their use in breadmaking

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Drying of wolfberry fruit juice using low-intensity pulsed ultrasound

Manufacturing Fe–TiC metal matrix composite by Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion from pre-alloyed gas atomized powder

Mechanical properties of additively manufactured builds from different 316L steel powders

Physical and Geometrical Properties of Additively Manufactured Pure Copper Samples Using a Green Laser Source

Synthesis of active electrocatalysts using glycine–nitrate chemistry

Opposing Effects of Additives in Dry Milling and Tableting of Organic Particles

A real-time and modular approach for quick detection and mechanism exploration of DPIs with different carrier particle sizes

More Powder Properties 분말 속성 sentence examples

[Material classification of decoction pieces based on physical properties of powder].

Safety of nanometer powder control technology-based on mine gas explosion

Smoke Suppression in Electron Beam Melting of Inconel 718 Alloy Powder Based on Insulator–Metal Transition of Surface Oxide Film by Mechanical Stimulation

Surface treatment of titanium dioxide nanopowder using rotary electrode dielectric barrier discharge reactor

Development of yoghurt powder using microwave-assisted foam-mat drying

Dry powder inhaler formulation of Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutase by spray drying: A proof-of-concept

Particle size, powder properties and the breakage behaviour of infant milk formula

Effect of powder reuse on orthopedic metals produced through selective laser sintering

Preparation of Fine-Drugs Layered Spherical Particles with Good Micromeritic and Dissolution Properties through Ultra Cryo-Milling and Mechanical Powder Processing.

Worker’s Personal Exposure to PM0.1 and PM4 Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials during Packaging

Efficient Development of Sorafenib Tablets with Improved Oral Bioavailability Enabled by Coprecipitated Amorphous Solid Dispersion.

Grinding aid additives for dry fine grinding processes – Part II: Continuous and industrial grinding

A 3D DEM simulation to study the influence of material and process parameters on spreading of metallic powder in additive manufacturing

Flow and Particle Modelling of Dry Powder Inhalers: Methodologies, Recent Development and Emerging Applications

High-shear granulation: An investigation into granule breakage rates

More Powder Properties 분말 속성 sentence examples

Effect of Particle Formation Process on Characteristics and Aerosol Performance of Respirable Protein Powders.

Insights into DPI sensitivity to humidity: An integrated in-vitro-in-silico risk-assessment

Additive manufacturing of biodegradable metals: Current research status and future perspectives.

Tablet capping predictions of model materials using multivariate approach.

Synthesis of cerium phosphate white pigments from cerium carbonate for cosmetics

Lipophilic magnetic nanocomposite of Fe3O4@SiO2@Me for efficient visualization of latent fingerprints on various surfaces

Enhanced Water Desalination by Increasing the Electroconductivity of Carbon Powders for High-Performance Flow-Electrode Capacitive Deionization

More Powder Properties 분말 속성 sentence examples

Synthesis of Cerium Phosphate White Pigments from Cerium Oxalate

SeDeM expert system for directly compressed tablet formulation: A review and new perspectives

Aronia Berry Processing by Spray Drying: From Byproduct to High Quality Functional Powder

Numerical simulation of powder flow during spreading in additive manufacturing

Fundamental and applied aspects of powder dispersion in liquids.

Co-encapsulation of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E: A study of microcapsule formation and its relation to structure and functionalities using single droplet drying and micro-fluidic-jet spray drying


Processing LDS-Circuit Boards by Selective Laser Sintering

More Powder Properties 분말 속성 sentence examples

[Material properties and tensile strength prediction model of traditional Chinese medicine tablets based on PCA-RBF neural network].

Tableting performance of various mannitol and lactose grades assessed by compaction simulation and chemometrical analysis.

PLA/PLGA nanoparticles prepared by nano spray drying

Prediction of the anisotropic mechanical properties of compacted powders

In silico predictions of tablet density using a quantitative structure–property relationship model

Instant properties of ingredients used for point of consumption production of high-moisture food structures selectively fortified with protein and dietary fibre

Spray drying of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG with calcium-containing protectant for enhanced viability

Dynamic wetting of multicomponent particle systems

More Powder Properties 분말 속성 sentence examples

Fluidisation characteristics of lactose powders in simple turbulent channel flows

Sustainable Recycling of Insoluble Rust Waste for the Synthesis of Iron-Containing Perovskite-Type Catalysts

A novel approach to predict green density by high-velocity compaction based on the materials informatics method

Effect of Material Properties on the Performance of Novel Low-k High-Q LTCC Compositions

Chapter 6:Applications and Case Studies

Spherical Cocrystallization—An Enabling Technology for the Development of High Dose Direct Compression Tablets of Poorly Soluble Drugs

Development of porous spray-dried inhalable particles using an organic solvent-free technique

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