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Powder Formulations sentence examples within Dry Powder Formulations

Leucine Enhances the Dispersibility of Trehalose-Containing Spray-Dried Powders on Exposure to a High-Humidity Environment.

Inhaled Antifungal Agents for the Treatment and Prophylaxis of Pulmonary Mycoses.

Powder Formulations sentence examples within Wettable Powder Formulations

Гигиеническая оценка пестицидов на основе дифлубензурона при различных технологиях применения

Development of novel spray-dried and air-dried formulations of Metarhizium robertsii blastospores and their virulence against Dalbulus maidis.

Powder Formulations sentence examples within Combination Powder Formulations

Effects of the antibiotic component on in‐vitro bacterial killing, physico‐chemical properties, aerosolization and dissolution of a ternary‐combinational inhalation powder formulation of antibiotics for pan‐drug resistant Gram‐negative lung infections

Inhalable combination powder formulations of phage and ciprofloxacin for P. aeruginosa respiratory infections.

Powder Formulations sentence examples within Phage Powder Formulations

The Influence of Formulation Components and Environmental Humidity on Spray-Dried Phage Powders for Treatment of Respiratory Infections Caused by Acinetobacter baumannii

Manufacturing Stable Bacteriophage Powders by Including Buffer System in Formulations and Using Thin Film Freeze-drying Technology.

Powder Formulations sentence examples within Crystalline Powder Formulations

Studies on the safety and the tissue distribution of inhaled high-dose amorphous and crystalline rifampicin in a rat model.

Pharmacokinetics of rifampicin after repeated intra-tracheal administration of amorphous and crystalline powder formulations to Sprague Dawley rats.

Powder Formulations sentence examples within powder formulations containing

Aftertreatments of Sulfur Black 1 Dyed Cotton Fabric: Optimization of Process Parameters for Developing a Protective System to Improve Color Retention

Development of PEGylated Chitosan/CRISPR-Cas9 Dry Powders for Pulmonary Delivery via Thin-Film Freeze-Drying.

Powder Formulations sentence examples within powder formulations composed

Novel algorithm elucidating the tablet dividing mechanism in scored tablets and its experimental verification

Reaction-bonding of aluminum oxide processed by binder jetting

Inhalable Protein Powder Prepared by Spray-Freeze-Drying Using Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin as Excipient

Impact of Maltodextrin, Gum Arabic, Different Fibres and Starches on the Properties of Freeze-Dried Orange Puree Powder

Effect of Formula Type and Preparation on International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative Thickness Level and Milk Flow Rates From Bottle Teats.

Porous particles and novel carrier particles with enhanced penetration for efficient pulmonary delivery of antitubercular drugs.

Management of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita and soil borne fungus, Fusarium oxysporum in cucumber using three bioagents under polyhouse conditions

Factors affecting serum phenobarbital concentration changes in pediatric patients receiving elixir and powder formulations

Effect of Some Bacterial and Fungal Bioagents for Management of Root-knot Nematode and Soil Born Fungus in Cucumber under Protected Conditions

Nasal Powder Formulations: In-Vitro Characterisation of the Impact of Powders on Nasal Residence Time and Sensory Effects

Puerarin dry powder inhaler formulations for pulmonary delivery: Development and characterization

Newly designed punch for scored tablets: Evaluation by an expert system based on quality by design

Short-term antibacterial activity and compressive strength of biodentine containing chlorhexidine/cetirimide mixtures

Colloids or powders: Which nanoparticle formulations do cells like more?

Evaluation of Bradyrhizobium formulations on performance of soybean grown on soil without a long-term history of the crop

Case of Chronic Cough Caused by Accidental Inhalation of Lanthanum Carbonate Granules

Spouted‐bed drying of acerola pulp (Malpighia emarginata DC): Effects of adding milk and milk protein on process performance and characterization of dried fruit powders

Microbiological justification for the choice of antimicrobic substances concentration in powder composition based on natural zeolite (clinoptyololite)

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Effect of API on Powder Flowability, Direct Compression and Properties of Orally Disintegrating Tablets: A Preformulation Study

Flexible Coating Process for Alloy Wheels

Effects of formulation types on pharmacodynamics of warfarin in patients with cerebral infarction and dysphagia

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