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Powder Deposition sentence examples within Laser Powder Deposition

Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and hardness of a worn rail repaired using laser powder deposition

Finite Element Investigation of Thermal-kinetic-mechanical Evolutions during Laser Powder Deposition as an Innovative Technique for Rail Repair

Powder Deposition sentence examples within Drug Powder Deposition

The Importance of Interactions Between Carrier and Drug Particles for the Application in Dry Powder Inhalers

Anti-inflammatory flurbiprofen nasal powders for nose-to-brain delivery in Alzheimer’s disease

Powder Deposition sentence examples within Plasma Powder Deposition

Hardness of the Powder Coating PG-CP4 Applied to Steel 40H13 and Subjected Laser Treatment

Wood Protection through Plasma Powder Deposition—An Alternative Coating Process

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Powder Deposition sentence examples within powder deposition proces

Bead geometry prediction using multiple linear regression analysis

Validation of a low-cost selective powder deposition process through the characterization of tin bronze specimens

Powder Deposition sentence examples within powder deposition efficiency

Development of a high-speed laser material deposition process for additive manufacturing

Novel Powder Modification Method for the Cold Spray of Hard Steels

Powder Deposition sentence examples within powder deposition rate

Review on additive hybrid- and multi-material-manufacturing of metals by powder bed fusion: state of technology and development potential

Wear, erosion and corrosion resistance of HVOF-sprayed WC and Cr3C2 based coatings for electrolytic hard chrome replacement

Improvement of Mixing Efficiency in the Combustion Chamber of a Powder-Fuel Ramjet Engine

Synchronized in situ X-ray and infrared imaging of laser deposition

Semi-Hybrid CO2 Laser Metal Deposition Method with Inter Substrate Buffer Zone

Discrete element simulation of powder layer thickness in laser additive manufacturing

New approach to evaluate 3D laser printed parts in powder bed fusion-based additive manufacturing in-line within closed space

Solid State Additive Manufacturing of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene with Silica Augmentative: Application of Friction Stir Processing

Powder bed 3D‐printing of highly loaded drug delivery devices with hydroxypropyl cellulose as solid binder

Effect of In-Situ Post Heating on Repairing STS316L Built by Laser Powder Bed Fusion Using Direct Energy Deposition

Spatial powder flow measurement and efficiency prediction for laser direct metal deposition

Production of Copper Powder from Ores by Elecrodeposition Process

On the development of powder spreadability metrics and feedstock requirements for powder bed fusion additive manufacturing

Experimentally validated predictions of thermal history and microhardness in laser-deposited Inconel 718 on carbon steel

Influence of Powder Deposition on Powder Bed and Specimen Properties

Manufacturing of gypsum–sisal fiber composites using binder jetting

Binder jetting: A review of process, materials, and methods

Pneumatic conveying of cohesive dairy powder: Experiments and CFD-DEM simulations

Influence of Particle Charge and Size Distribution on Triboelectric Separation—New Evidence Revealed by In Situ Particle Size Measurements

Optimal Powder Deposition Process to Develop a New Direct-Write Additive Manufacturing System

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Powder Deposition 분말 증착

Powder Deposition 분말 증착
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