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Powder characteristics of Al0.5CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloys fabricated by gas atomisation method

Influence of Thermal Annealing on the Sinterability of Different Grades of Polylactide Microspheres Dedicated for Laser Sintering

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Preparation and printability of high performance 15Cr13MoY alloy steel powder for direct laser deposition

Photoluminescence and Electrical Properties of ZnO Nanopowders Prepared by a Solution Combustion Method for Optoelectronic Device Application.

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Effect of Secondary Component Properties when Cold Spraying Mixed Metal Powders on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

Inline monitoring of the powder filling level within a rotary tablet press feed frame

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Spatial Mapping of Powder Layer Density for Metal Additive Manufacturing via X-ray Microscopy

Towards an improved understanding of spray-dried emulsions: impact of the emulsifying constituent combination on characteristics and storage stability

The Influence of the Powder Characteristics on 316L Stainless Steel Coatings Sprayed by Cold Gas Spray

Influences of powder characteristics and recoating conditions on surface morphology of powder bed in metal additive manufacturing

Powder property, microstructure, and creep behavior of a P/M Mo-Si-B based alloy

Microstructure and properties of parts manufactured by directed energy deposition of water-atomized low-alloy steel powders

The effects of powder reuse on the mechanical response of electron beam additively manufactured Ti6Al4V parts

Model infant formulas: Influence of types of whey proteins and oil composition on emulsion and powder properties

Modeling and simulation of powder spreading of Inconel 625 based on 3DP process

Storage stability of powdered dairy ingredients: a review

Modification of a low-soda easy-sintered α-Al2O3 powder for the application in semiconductor/display production equipment

Formulation and evaluation of dry herbal powder shampoo

Optimization of Direct Energy Deposition of 304L Stainless Steel through Laser Process Parameters

Toward Sub-Surface Pore Prediction Capabilities for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Using Data Science

Effect of TiO2 doping on the sintering behavior of Zr-based ceramic for use as TBC

A quantitative approach to predicting lung deposition profiles of pharmaceutical powder aerosols.

Development of yoghurt powder using microwave-assisted foam-mat drying

Impact of the Allowed Compositional Range of Additively Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel on Processability and Material Properties

Optimization of amorphous solid dispersion techniques to enhance solubility of febuxostat

Effect of powder milling routes on the sinterability and optical properties of transparent Y2O3 ceramics

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Impact of wet-mix total solids content and heat treatment on physicochemical and techno-functional properties of infant milk formula powders

Cold spray deformation and deposition of blended feedstock powders not necessarily obey the rule of mixture

Optimal preparation for gluten-free rice bread

Estimation of mechanical milling characteristic parameters to explain the structural transformation of titanium dioxide

Nanoparticle Additivation Effects on Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Metals and Polymers—A Theoretical Concept for an Inter-Laboratory Study Design All Along the Process Chain, Including Research Data Management

Carbonyl iron powders as absorption material for microwave interference shielding: A review

In-situ alloying in powder bed fusion: The role of powder morphology

Effects of Bonding Treatment and Ball Milling on W-20 wt.% Cu Composite Powder for Injection Molding

Effect of local ordering around Th4+ ions in glycine-nitrate precursor gel on the powder characteristic of gel-combusted ThO2

Characterization of flame-retardant poly(butylene terephthalate) processed by laser sintering

The Microstructural Evolution of Rapidly Solidified Powder Aluminum 2024 During Thermal Processing

Effect of ball milling time on the properties of nickel oxide-samarium-doped cerium composite anodes for solid oxide fuel cells

Characterization of hydroxypropyl cellulose produced from α-cellulose betung bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper) and it’s application in tablet formulation

Influence of Carbon Nanoparticle Addition (and Impurities) on Selective Laser Melting of Pure Copper

Effect of milling time on powder characteristics and mechanical performance of Ti4wt%Al alloy

High-performance B4C–TiB2–SiC composites with tuneable properties fabricated by reactive hot pressing

Effects of YSZ powder properties on its corrosion behaviour for solid oxide membrane (SOM) electrolysis process

Powder metallurgical processing of a 2xxx series aluminum powder metallurgy metal alloy reinforced with AlN particulate additions

Development of standardization parameters of crude drugs used in Ayurvedic Balarista formulation

Correlation Study Between Material Parameters and Mechanical Properties of Iron–Carbon Compacts Using Sensitivity Analysis and Regression Model

Metallurgical and mechanical assessment of hybrid additively-manufactured maraging tool steels via selective laser melting

On the link between as-built surface quality and fatigue behavior of additively manufactured Inconel 718

Characterization of spherical AlSi10Mg powder produced by double-nozzle gas atomization using different parameters

Effect of ball milling on the powder characteristics and welding mechanism of Mg2B2O5w/6061Al matrix composite

Solid-state hydrogen desorption of 2 MgH2 + LiBH4 nano-mixture: A kinetics mechanism study

Improvement of the ionic conductivity on new substituted borohydride argyrodites

The effect of metal EOS 316L stainless steel additive manufacturing powder recycling on part characteristics and powder reusability

Recycling of NdFeB Magnets by Electrodischarge Sintering—Microstructure, Magnetic, and Mechanical Properties

Mechanical characterisation of stainless steel parts produced by direct metal laser sintering with virgin and reused powder

A Review on Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing of 316L Stainless Steel

Solid State Reactions and Sintering

Characteristics and printability of K417G nickel-base alloy powder prepared by VIGA method

Effect of powder characteristics on the thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of Si3N4 ceramics sintered by Spark plasma sintering

Spheroidization of tantalum powder by radio frequency inductively coupled plasma processing

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Powder Characteristics 분말 특성

Powder Characteristics 분말 특성
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