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Powder Blends sentence examples within Elemental Powder Blends

Microstructure and tensile properties of duplex phase Al0.25FeMnNiCrCu0.5 high entropy alloy fabricated by laser melting deposition

Nanoindentation Test Conducted on Single Scan Tracks for the Development of New Multi-Principal Element Alloys

Powder Blends sentence examples within Pharmaceutical Powder Blends

Variographic analysis: A new methodology for quality assurance of pharmaceutical blending processes

A Sampling System for Flowing Powders based on the Theory of Sampling.

Powder Blends sentence examples within B Powder Blends

Formation of TaB2 powders from high energy ball milling and borothermal reduction process

Coercivity Increase of the Recycled HDDR Nd-Fe-B Powders Doped with DyF3 and Processed via Spark Plasma Sintering & the Effect of Thermal Treatments

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Powder Blends sentence examples within Two Powder Blends

The effect of different feed frame components on the powder behavior and the residence time distribution with regard to the continuous manufacturing of tablets

A Proposed Complete Methodology to Predict Gravity Flow Obstruction of Pharmaceutical Powders in Drug Product Manufacturing.

Powder Blends sentence examples within Different Powder Blends

A numerical Approach to design and develop freestanding porous structures through cold spray multi-material deposition

In-situ alloying in powder bed fusion: The role of powder morphology

Powder Blends sentence examples within powder blends represent

Precise control of microstructure and mechanical properties of additively manufactured steels using elemental carbon powder

In situ alloying of elemental Al-Cu12 feedstock using selective laser melting

Powder Blends sentence examples within powder blends containing

Direct Cyclodextrin Based Powder Extrusion 3D Printing for One-step Production of the BCS Class II Model Drug Niclosamide

Coercivity Increase of the Recycled HDDR Nd-Fe-B Powders Doped with DyF3 and Processed via Spark Plasma Sintering & the Effect of Thermal Treatments

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of taste-masked orodispersible tablets of fluoxetine hydrochloride for the treatment of depression

A study on the influence of the formulation factors on in vitro release of ketoprofen from sustained release tablets

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Processing of Nanostructured Bulk Fe-Cr Alloys by Severe Plastic Deformation

Effect of bimodal powder blends on part density and melt pool fluctuation in laser powder bed fusion

TiC–20% Cr(Ni) Composites by Forced SHS Compaction: Influence of Mechanical Activation Mode

The effect of relative humidity and formulation variables on chewable xylitol-sorbitol tablets.

API Content and Blend Uniformity Using Quantum Cascade Laser Spectroscopy Coupled with Multivariate Analysis

Effects of milling time and reductant content on the formation of HfC-HfB2 composite powders synthesized via a solid-state reaction route

Repurposing Melt Degradation for the Evaluation of Mixed Amorphous-Crystalline Blends

A Dry Powder Platform for Nose-to-Brain Delivery of Dexamethasone: Formulation Development and Nasal Deposition Studies

Impact of the manufacturing technique on the dissolution-enhancement functionality of PEG4000 in Cilostazol tablets

Properties and Corrosion Resistance of AISI H13 Hot-Work Tool Steel with Borided B4C Powders

Assessment of blend uniformity in a continuous tablet manufacturing process

Fabrication and electromagnetic wave absorption property of quartz ceramics with a gradient distribution of BaTiO3

Release Adjustment of Two Drugs with Different Solubility Combined in a Matrix Tablet

Characterization of Near-Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy for In-Line Monitoring of a Low-Drug Load Formulation in a Continuous Manufacturing Process.

Investigation of LBM-processed bimodal powder mixtures of the nickel base alloy HX and WC–Co

Formulation and Characterization of Gastroretentive Mucoadhesive Tablets for Treatment of Gastroparesis

Mechanism and Impact of Excipient Incompatibility: Crosslinking of Xanthan Gum in Pediatric Powder-for-suspension Formulations.

Influence of the feed frame design on the powder behavior and the residence time distribution.

Influence of sodium starch glycolate, croscarmellose sodium and crospovidone on disintegration and dissolution of stevia-loaded tablets.

Improved oxidation and wear resistance of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene using cross-linked powder reinforcement.

On the mechanism of colloidal silica action to improve flow properties of pharmaceutical excipients.

Characterization of NIR interfaces for the feeding and in-line monitoring of a continuous granulation process.

Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Advanced High-Strength Steels—Modification of Deformation Mechanisms by Increasing Stacking Fault Energy

Properties and tribological performance of ceramic-base chromium and vanadium carbide composite coatings

Development of near infrared spectroscopic calibration models for in‐line determination of low drug concentration, bulk density, and relative specific void volume within a feed frame

The application of percolation threshold theory to predict compaction behaviour of pharmaceutical powder blends

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Powder Blends 분말 혼합

Powder Blends 분말 혼합
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