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Anisotropic Study of Ti6Al4V Alloy Formed by Selective Laser Melting

Design and Thermal Comparison of Random Structures Realized by Indirect Additive Manufacturing

Computation of Hydrodynamic and Capillary Phenomena in Binder Jet Three-Dimensional Printing

Experimental investigation of wet pharmaceutical granulation using in-situ synchrotron X-ray imaging

Evaluation and control of the adhesiveness of cohesive calcium carbonate particles at high temperatures

Model for measuring light stability of photolabile substances in powder beds using spray dried bixin microcapsules

Microstructural optimization through heat treatment for enhancing the fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth resistance of selective laser melted Ti6Al4V alloy

Computational study of the industrial synthesis of tungsten powders

Real time observation of binder jetting printing process using high-speed X-ray imaging

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Thermally-insulated flash sintering

Performance Characteristics of a Novel Vibration Technique for the Densification of a Powder Bed within a Die of a Rotary Tablet Press — a Proof of Concept

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Surface treatment methods for mitigation of hydrothermal ageing of zirconia

Materials characterization of advanced fillers for composites engineering applications

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Powder Beds 파우더 베드

Powder Beds 파우더 베드
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