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Structural evolution and magnetic aspects in nanostructured (Fe92Zr8)96B4 alloys

Magnetic Properties of Hard Magnetic Powder Alloy Fe – 27% Cr – 10% Co (27Kh10KA)

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The Influence of Electron-Beam Treatment on the Structure of a TiNi Powder Alloy Obtained by Calcium-Hydride Reduction

Features of β-Phase Decay in Ti–22Nb–6Zr Alloy

Assessment of magnetic properties and structural evolution of nanostructured (Fe30Cu70)96B4 alloys

Synthesis of Mg-based alloys with a rare-earth element addition by mechanical alloying

Effect of zinc oxide and alumina nanoparticles on Structural, magnetic and mechanical properties of the iron matrix synthesized by mechanical milling and thermal spraying

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Investigation of the Effect of Tungsten Carbide (WC) Nanopowder on Iron-Based Powder Structural Materials

Interfacial microstructure and mechanical properties of tungsten based powder alloy and superalloy GH907 diffusion brazing joint with Cu-Ni-V-Ti interlayer

Additive manufacturing of a precious bulk metallic glass

Microscopic kinetics of isothermal sintering of Fe-20 % (mаs.) Mo alloy

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Comparison of magnetic and mechanical properties of powder Fe-Cr-Co alloys with different cobalt content obtained at various sintering temperatures

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Развитие математических моделей пластических сред для ресурсосберегающих технологий металлических систем

Effect of Molybdenum on the Microstructure and Oxidation Behavior of Hot-Pressed TaCr2 Alloys

A new approach to synthesise high strength nano-oxide dispersion strengthened alloys

Structure and electrochemical hydrogen storage properties of Ti-Fe-Mn alloys for Ni-MH accumulator applications

Development of a high strength Al–Zn–Si–Mg–Cu alloy for selective laser melting

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Powder Alloy 분말 합금

Powder Alloy 분말 합금
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