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Microbiological dynamics of red complex bacteria following full-mouth air polishing in periodontally healthy subjects—a randomized clinical pilot study

Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of glycine powder air polishing with scaling and root planing and with fluoride prophypaste as an adjunctive to surgical periodontal therapy- A clinical study

Efficacy of erythritol powder air-polishing in active and supportive periodontal therapy: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Efficacy of glycine powder air-polishing in supportive periodontal therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Clinical Outcomes of Using Erythritol Powder by Means of Air Polishing with Ultrasonic Debridement in the Treatment of Initial Periodontal Pockets in Hand of Dental Students: A Split-mouth, Randomized, Comparative, Controlled Study. Part I.

Clinical evaluation of air-polishing with erythritol powder followed by ultrasonic calculus removal versus conventional ultrasonic debridement and rubber-cup polishing for the treatment of gingivitis: a split-mouth randomized controlled clinical trial.

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Powder Air Polishing 분말 에어 폴리싱

Powder Air Polishing 분말 에어 폴리싱
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