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Powder Added sentence examples within Tomato Powder Added

Antimicrobial and Antioxidative Effects of Plant Powders in Raw and Cooked Minced Pork

Effects of Maltodextrins on the Kinetics of Lycopene and Chlorogenic Acid Degradation in Dried Tomato

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A Starch-Milk Paste Enables the Incorporation of Ripened Cheese in Novel Fresh Cheese

The effects of camel milk powder on the stability and quality properties of processed cheese sauce.

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Tailoring the Mechanical Properties of Laser Cladding-Deposited Ferrous Alloys with a Mixture of 410L Alloy and Fe–Cr–B–Si–Mo Alloy Powders

Surface Modification Process by Electrical Discharge Machining with Tungsten Carbide Powder Mixing in Kerosene Fluid

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Wear Resistance of the Glass-Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite with the Addition of Quartz Filler

Differentiate mechanical properties of the metal joining process through FCW, FSW and FSP: A review

Is Impregnation of Xenograft with Caffeine Effective on Bone Healing Rate in Mandibular Defects? A Pilot Histological Animal Study

The effects of dilution and choice of added powder on hardfacing deposited by submerged arc welding

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Powder Added 분말 추가

Powder Added 분말 추가
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