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DNRA was limited by sulfide and nrfA abundance in sediments of Xiamen Bay where heterotrophic sulfide-producing genus (Pelobacter) prevailed among DNRA bacteria

Biotic factors drive distinct DNRA potential rates and contributions in typical Chinese shallow lake sediments.

Epidemiological and evolutionary considerations of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine dosing regimes

Energetic supply regulates heterotrophic nitrogen fixation along a glacial chronosequence

Characterizing the ice-ocean interface of icy worlds: A theoretical approach

Field-scale performance of biochar-amended soil covers for landfill methane oxidation

Nitrogen removal through sediment denitrification in the Yangtze Estuary and its adjacent East China Sea: A nitrate limited process during summertime.

Time-Series Assessment of Camp-Type Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining Sectors with Large Influxes of Miners Using LANDSAT Imagery

Dissimilatory nitrate reduction processes along a forest hillslope

Coupled relationships among anammox, denitrification, and dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium along salinity gradients in a Chinese estuarine wetland.

Dissimilatory nitrate reduction processes and corresponding nitrogen loss in tidal flow constructed wetlands

Crab bioturbation alters nitrogen cycling and promotes nitrous oxide emission in intertidal wetlands: Influence and microbial mechanism.

Variations in nitrogen removal rates and microbial communities over sediment depth in Daya Bay, China.

Use and abuse of potential rates in soil microbiology

Physiology of the Nitrite-Oxidizing Bacterium Candidatus Nitrotoga sp. CP45 Enriched From a Colorado River

Nitrogen along the Hydrological Gradient of Marsh Sediments in a Subtropical Estuary: Pools, Processes, and Fluxes

Resolving a paradox—high mercury deposition, but low bioaccumulation in northeastern Puerto Rico

Plant traits related to leaf decomposition processes in arid ecosystems of northern Patagonia

Carbon and nutrient dynamics of permeable carbonate and silicate sands adjacent to coral reefs around Weizhou Island in the northern South China Sea

Macrophytes and crabs affect nitrogen transformations in salt marshes of the Yangtze River Estuary

Environment Gradient related Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammonium in Huangmao Sea Estuary: Rates and Community Diversity

Electrophysiological properties of thermosensitive neurons in slices of rat lateral parabrachial nucleus.

Denitrification and dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium in freshwater lakes of the Eastern Plain, China: Influences of organic carbon and algal bloom.

Dissimilatory Nitrate/Nitrite Reduction Processes in River Sediments Across Climatic Gradient: Influences of Biogeochemical Controls and Climatic Temperature Regime

The impact of sea ice on the air-sea exchange of mercury in the Arctic Ocean

Changes in the Potential Activity of Nitrite Reducers and the Microbial Community Structure After Sediment Dredging and Plant Removal in the Empuriabrava FWS-CW

Well-Aerated Southern Appalachian Forest Soils Demonstrate Significant Potential for Gaseous Nitrogen Loss

Temperature affects the kinetics of nitrite oxidation and nitrification coupling in four agricultural soils

Effect of the combined application of fungal residue and chemical fertilizers on the mineralization of soil organic carbon in paddy fields

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Potential Rates 잠재적 요율

Potential Rates 잠재적 요율
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