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Effects of exogenous methyl jasmonate on quality and preservation of postharvest fruits: A review.

Insights into the roles of melatonin in maintaining quality and extending shelf life of postharvest fruits

Mitochondria-Targeted Red-Emission Fluorescent Probe for Ultrafast Detection of H2S in Food and Its Bioimaging Application.

Activation of the BABA-induced priming defence through redox homeostasis and the modules of TGA1 and MAPKK5 in postharvest peach fruit.

Burkholderia gladioli MB39 an Antarctic Strain as a Biocontrol Agent.

Dose effect of exogenous abscisic acid on controlling lignification of postharvest kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis cv. hongyang)

Development of Vernonia amygdalina Leaf Extract Emulsion Formulations in Controlling Gray Mold Disease on Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Electrospun pullulan/PVA nanofibers integrated with thymol-loaded porphyrin metal-organic framework for antibacterial food packaging.

Effect of chlorine dioxide (ClO2 ) on patulin produced by Penicillum expansum and involved mechanism.

Calcium and calcium sensors in fruit development and ripening

Physiological and Metabolomic Analysis of Cold Plasma Treated Fresh-Cut Strawberries.

First Report of Colletotrichum truncatum of Solanum lycopersicum in Mexico

Effect of ozone treatment on the phenylpropanoid biosynthesis of postharvest strawberries

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Postharvest Fruits 수확 후 과일

Postharvest Fruits 수확 후 과일
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