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Modulation of CO2 adsorption in novel pillar-layered MOFs based on carboxylate-pyrazole flexible linker.

Designed Eu3+ functionalized Zr-MOF-808 probe for highly sensitive monitoring multiple dyes.

Multicomponent isoreticular metal-organic frameworks: Principles, current status and challenges

Enhanced selective adsorption of NSAIDs by covalent organic frameworks via functional group tuning

Peptidoglycan Deacetylases in Bacterial Cell Wall Remodeling and Pathogenesis.

A dithiocarbamate-functionalized Zr4+ MOF with exceptional capability for sorption of Pb2+ in aqueous media

Covalent organic frameworks-based smart materials for mitigation of pharmaceutical pollutants from aqueous solution.

Post-synthetic modifications (PSM) on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for visible-light-initiated photocatalysis.

Post-Synthetic Color Tuning of the Ultra-Effective and Highly Stable Surface-Confined Electrochromic Monolayer: Shades of Green for Camouflage Materials.

Protein posttranslational modification (PTM) by glycation: Role in lens aging and age-related cataractogenesis.

PoreMatMod.jl: Julia package for in silico post-synthetic modification of crystal structure models

Fe-incorporated cobalt-based metal-organic framework ultrathin nanosheets for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution

An Mg-MOFs based multifunctional medicine for the treatment of osteoporotic pain.

Bimetallic Ni0.4Mn1.6P derived from nickel functionalized a new Mn metal-organic framework for supercapacitor

Electrocatalytic detection of l-cysteine using molybdenum POM doped-HKUST-1 metal organic frameworks

Switching on thermal and light-induced spin crossover by desolvation of the [Fe(3-bpp)2](XO4)2·solvent (X = Cl, Re) compounds

Hybridization of MOFs and ionic POFs: a new strategy for the construction of bifunctional catalysts for CO2 cycloaddition

Dual-functionalized ZIF-8 as an efficient acid-base bifunctional catalyst for the one-pot tandem reaction

Halide Replacement with Complete Preservation of Crystal Lattice in Mixed-Anion Lanthanide Oxyhalides.

Host guest chemistry and supramolecular doping in triphenylamine-based covalent frameworks on Au(111).

Fabrication of visible-light-active MR/NH2-MIL-125(Ti) homojunction with boosted photocatalytic performance

Deep eutectic solvents for the preparation and post-synthetic modification of metal- and covalent organic frameworks

Graphitic‑carbon nitride based mixed-phase bismuth nanostructures: Tuned optical and structural properties with boosted photocatalytic performance for wastewater decontamination under visible-light irradiation

Tailoring of silica nanoarchitecture to optimize Cu(2−x)S based image-guided chemodynamic therapy agent

Conductive Metal-Organic Frameworks: Electronic Structure and Electrochemical Applications.

Mixed functionalization strategy on indium-organic framework for multiple ion detection and H2O2 turn-on sensing.

Post-synthetic modification of oligonucleotides containing 5-mono- and 5-di-fluoromethyluridines

Post-synthetic modification of porous organic cages.

Ag-exchanged mesoporous chromium terephthalate with sulfonate for removing radioactive methyl iodide at extremely low concentrations in humid environments.

Tunable Dual-Color Emission Perovskites via Post-Synthetic Modification Strategy for Near-Unity Photoluminescence Quantum Yield.

Recyclable europium functionalized metal-organic fluorescent probe for detection of tryptophan in biological fluids and food products.

New avenues for mechanochemistry in zeolite science

Crystal violet-modified HKUST-1 framework with improved hydrostability as an efficient adsorbent for direct solid-phase microextraction

What Cyto- and Histochemistry Can Do to Crack the Sugar Code

Pyrene-based metal organic frameworks: from synthesis to applications.

Design of Electronic Devices Using Redox-Active Organic Molecules and Their Porous Coordination Networks

Chemical conversion and locking of the imine linkage: enhancing the functionality of covalent organic frameworks.

Post-synthetic modification of porous [Cu3(BTC)2] (BTC = benzene‐1,3,5‐tricarboxylate) metal organic framework with molybdenum and vanadium complexes for the epoxidation of olefins and allyl alcohols

Immobilization of Rh(I) precursor in a porphyrin metal-organic framework - turning on the catalytic activity.

The encapsulation of POM clusters into MIL-101(Cr) at molecular level: LaW10O36@MIL-101(Cr), an efficient catalyst for oxidative desulfurization

N-Glycan Biosynthesis: Basic Principles and Factors Affecting Its Outcome.

Urea-functionalized amorphous calcium phosphate nanofertilizers: optimizing the synthetic strategy towards environmental sustainability and manufacturing costs

CO2 cycloaddition over ionic liquid immobilized hybrid zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: Effect of Lewis acid/base sites

Bimetallic Co0.4Ni1.6P derived from cobalt functionalized a new nickel metal-organic-framework as an advanced electrode for high-performance supercapacitors

Enhancing Heat and Mass Transfer in Adsorption Heat Pumps Using Advanced Metal Organic Framework Materials

Enhancement of aqueous stability of NH2-MIL-101(Fe) by hydrophobic grafting post-synthetic modification

MOF-74-type frameworks: tunable pore environment and functionality through metal and ligand modification

An efficient microwave-assisted chelation (MWAC) post-synthetic modification method to produce hierarchical Y zeolites

Post-synthetic modification of metal-organic frameworks bearing phenazine radical cations for aza-Diels-Alder reaction.

Plasmon induced interfacial charge transfer across Zr-based metal-organic framework coupled Ag2WO4 heterojunction functionalized by Ag NPs: Efficient visible light photocatalyst

Enhanced hydrothermal stability of Cu MOF by post synthetic modification with amino acids

Performance of metal–organic frameworks for the adsorptive removal of potentially toxic elements in a water system: a critical review

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