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Analysing culture methods of frozen human ovarian tissue to improve follicle survival

Testicular tumors in the pediatric patient.

Meningiomas in Gynecology and Reproduction: an Updated Overview for Clinical Practice

Development of Randomized Trials in Adults with Medulloblastoma—The Example of EORTC 1634-BTG/NOA-23

Long-term urological and gynecological outcomes following complete primary repair in females with bladder exstrophy.

Antireflux endoscopic injection therapy in post-pubertal patients via techniques adopted for the dilated ureteral orifice: a retrospective single-center study

POU1F1 mutations in combined pituitary hormone deficiency: differing spectrum of mutations in a Western-Indian cohort and systematic analysis of world literature

Apparent diffusion coefficient values of cryptorchid testes and malignant transformation of cryptorchidism (MTC) (seminoma) in postpubertal patients.

Maxillofacial morphology in post-pubertal patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate following early vs. late secondary alveolar bone grafting.

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Post Pubertal Patients 사춘기 이후 환자

Post Pubertal Patients 사춘기 이후 환자
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