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A pragmatic evidence-based approach to post-mortem perinatal imaging

Undiagnosed acromegaly as an underlying cause of sudden death

Diagnosing coronary thrombosis using multiphase post-mortem CT angiography (MPMCTA): A case study

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Use of post-mortem chest computed tomography in Covid-19 pneumonia

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Forensic tools for the diagnosis of death due toelectrocution: a comprehensive and multidisciplinarystudy

The diagnostic performance of chest computed tomography in the detection of rib fractures in children investigated for suspected physical abuse: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Epidemiologic, Postmortem Computed Tomography-Morphologic and Biomechanical Analysis of the Effects of Non-Invasive External Pelvic Stabilizers in Genuine Unstable Pelvic Injuries

Block-like and cast-like hyperdense areas in the right heart cavities on post-mortem CT strongly suggest the presence of intracardiac blood clots at autopsy

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Post Mortem Ct 사후 CT

Post Mortem Ct 사후 CT
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