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Productionof poly(L-CO-D,L LacticAcid) porous fibers by electrospinning

Elaboration and Characterization of Thermal Insulating Material Based on the Synergy of Natural Coconut Husk and Disposable Diaper Pads Fibers

Adjustable conduits for guided peripheral nerve regeneration prepared from bi-zonal unidirectional and multidirectional laminar scaffold of type I collagen.

Biomimetic hierarchical porous carbon fibers via block copolymer self-assembly

Production of recycled EPS fibers by centrifugal spinning

Electrospun-based TiO2 nanofibers for organic pollutant photodegradation: a comprehensive review

Hollow-porous fibers for intrinsically thermally insulating textiles and wearable electronics with ultrahigh working sensitivity

Facile access to highly flexible and mesoporous structured silica fibrous membranes for tetracyclines removal

Fabrication and Characterization of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle Filled Polyacrylonitrile Fiber for Photocatalytic Application by Wet Spinning

Facile synthesis of WO3 fibers via centrifugal spinning as an efficient UV- and VIS-light-driven photocatalyst

The surface morphology and dynamic impact properties with rebounding and splashing of water droplet on phase separation and breath figure assisted electrospinning films

Electrospinning of multiferroic [email protected] Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3–0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 nano-structured fibers via two different routes

Dual defects boosting zinc ion storage of hierarchical vanadium oxide fibers

Multifunctional Oil Absorption with Macroporous Polystyrene Fibers Incorporating Silver-Doped ZnO

Robust and Multifunctional Porous Polyetheretherketone Fiber Fabricated via a Micro-extrusion CO2 Foaming.

Productionof poly(L-CO-D,L LacticAcid) porous fibers by electrospinning

A highly stable lithium metal anode enabled by Ag nanoparticle–embedded nitrogen-doped carbon macroporous fibers

Freely switchable super-hydrophobicity and super-hydrophilicity of sponge-like poly(vinylidene fluoride) porous fibers for highly efficient oil/water separation.

A graphene assembled porous fiber-based Janus membrane for highly effective solar steam generation.

Tailoring Nano-Porous Surface of Aligned Electrospun Poly (L-Lactic Acid) Fibers for Nerve Tissue Engineering

Dry‐jet wet electrospinning of native cellulose microfibers with macroporous structures from ionic liquids

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Hierarchically structured PVP porous fibers derived from the embedding of NaY zeolite synergize the adsorption of benzene

Multifunctional porous membranes with antibacterial properties

Maneuvering surface structures of polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibers by controlling solvent systems and polymer concentration

A novel fractal solution for permeability and Kozeny-Carman constant of fibrous porous media made up of solid particles and porous fibers

Electrospun vanadium oxide based submicron diameter fiber catalysts. Part II: Effect of chemical formulation and dopants

Effects of Different MgO Fiber Structures on Adhesive Capacity and Ionic Migration of Li-Si/LiCl-KCl/FeS2 Thermal Batteries

Multi-Level Effective Heterojunctions Based on SnO2/ZnO 1D Fibrous Hierarchical Structure with Unique Interface Electronic Effects.

PLLA/POSS Nanofibers Loaded with Multitargeted pANG Composite Nanoparticles for Promotion of Vascularization in Shear Flow.

Fabrication of bioactive glass particles composite porous fibers by combination of electrospinning and phase separation

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Elaboration and Characterization of Thermal Insulating Material Based on the Synergy of Natural Coconut Husk and Disposable Diaper Pads Fibers

Chemical modification of electrospun yttrium silicate fiber with self-healing properties

Antibacterial LDPE/GSE/Mel/ZnONP composite film-coated wrapping paper for convenience food packaging application

Facile and Scalable Fabrication of Porous Polystyrene Fibers for Oil Removal by Centrifugal Spinning

Facile fabrication of porous polymer fibers via cryogenic electrospinning system

Facile fabrication of ZnO/C nanoporous fibers and ZnO hollow spheres for high performance gas sensor

A novel-charged fibrous media characterized by higher efficiency and lower pressure drop

Multiple air-bubble enhanced oil rupture on nanostructured cellulose fabric for easy-oil cleaning fouled in a dry state

Regeneration characteristics of different dental derived stem cell sheets.

Morphology-induced physico-mechanical and biological characteristics of TPU-PDMS blend scaffolds for skin tissue engineering applications.

Fabrication of porous fibers via electrospinning: strategies and applications

Lignin Redistribution for Enhancing Barrier Properties of Cellulose-Based Materials

Solvent-Induced Nanotopographies of Single Microfibers Regulate Cell Mechanotransduction.

Porous Nickel Fibers with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activities on Electro-oxidation of Ethanol in Alkaline Media

Desalination by Membrane Distillation Using Electrospun Membranes

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Porous Fibers 다공성 섬유

Porous Fibers 다공성 섬유
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