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Role of Mixed-Species Stands in Attenuating the Vulnerability of Boreal Forests to Climate Change and Insect Epidemics

Evaluating the Performance of a Forest Succession Model to Predict the Long-Term Dynamics of Tree Species in Mixed Boreal Forests Using Historical Data in Northern Ontario, Canada

Continent-wide synthesis of the long-term population dynamics of quaking aspen in the face of accelerating human impacts.

Tree establishment on post-mining waste soils: species, density, and mixture effects

Oystershell scale: an emerging invasive threat to aspen in the southwestern US

Effect of semiochemical exposure on flight propensity and flight capacity of Dendroctonus ponderosae in laboratory bioassays

Future dominance by quaking aspen expected following short‐interval, compounded disturbance interaction

Water availability regulates tree mixture effects on total and heterotrophic soil respiration: A three‐year field experiment

Root Secondary Metabolites in Populus tremuloides: Effects of Simulated Climate Warming, Defoliation, and Genotype.

Cytotype and genotype predict mortality and recruitment in Colorado quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides).

76-year decline and recovery of aspen mediated by contrasting fire regimes: Long-unburned, infrequent and frequent mixed-severity wildfire

Tree mortality in western U.S. forests forecasted using forest inventory and Random Forest classification

Invasive earthworms reduce chemical defense and increase herbivory and pathogen infection in native trees

Comparison of tree-ring and eddy-covariance derived annual ecosystem production estimates for jack pine and trembling aspen forests in Saskatchewan, Canada

Ethylene enhances root water transport and aquaporin expression in trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) exposed to root hypoxia

Shelterwood cutting in a boreal mixedwood stand: 5-year effects of the final cut on development of aspen suckers and released conifers

The leaf miner Phyllocnistis populiella negatively impacts water relations in aspen.

Temperature induced shifts in leaf water relations and growth efficiency indicate climate change may limit aspen growth in the Colorado Rockies

Strigolactone-Based Node-to-Bud Signaling May Restrain Shoot Branching in Hybrid Aspen

Linking plant genes to insect communities: Identifying the genetic bases of plant traits and community composition

Out of the Ashes: Ecological Resilience to Extreme Wildfire, Prescribed Burns, and Indigenous Burning in Ecosystems

The utility of terrestrial photogrammetry for assessment of tree volume and taper in boreal mixedwood forests

Coupe progressive dans un peuplement mixte boréal : effets après 5 ans de la coupe finale sur le développement des drageons de tremble et des conifères dégagés

Past Management Spurs Differential Plant Communities within a Giant Single-Clone Aspen Forest

How climate change might affect tree regeneration following fire at northern latitudes: a review

Abscisic acid promotes root system development in birch tissue culture: a comparison to aspen culture and conventional rooting-related growth regulators.

Seasonal patterns of water uptake in Populus tremuloides and Picea glauca on a boreal reclamation site is species specific and modulated by capping soil depth and slope position

Atypical lignification in eastern leatherwood (Dirca palustris)


Assessing the ecological impacts of biomass harvesting along a disturbance severity gradient.

Phytoremediation of Red Mud Deposits Through Natural Succession

Effects of iron and root zone pH on growth and physiological responses of paper birch (Betula papyrifera), trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) and red-osier dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) seedlings in a split-root hydroponic system

Drought and freezing vulnerability of the isolated hybrid aspen Populus x smithii relative to its parental species, P. tremuloides and P. grandidentata

Scaling Approach for Estimating Stand Sapwood Area from Leaf Area Index in Five Boreal species

Leaf litter decomposition in boreal lakes: variable mass loss and nutrient release ratios across a geographic gradient

Functional imaging of microbial interactions with tree roots using a microfluidics setup

Tree species at risk from nitrogen deposition in the northeastern United States: A geospatial analysis of effects of multiple stressors using exceedance of critical loads

Human altered disturbance patterns and forest succession: impacts of competition and ungulate herbivory

Influence of skidder traffic on soil bulk density, aspen regeneration, and vegetation indices following winter harvesting in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, SK

Water availability regulates negative effects of species mixture on soil microbial biomass in boreal forests

A new method for restoring ditches in peatlands: ditch filling with fiber bales

Long‐term understory vegetation dynamics of mixed aspen forests in Rocky Mountain National Park, USA

Consequences of biodiversity shift across phylogenetic scales for aspen and willow growth, survival, and herbivory

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