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Evidence for widespread selection in shaping the genomic landscape during speciation of Populus

Effect of Elevated CO2 Concentration On Four Populus by the Fast Fluorescence Rise OJIP

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Characterization of the complete chloroplast genomes of five Populus species from the western Sichuan plateau, southwest China: comparative and phylogenetic analyses

An extraordinarily stable karyotype of the woody Populus species revealed by chromosome painting.

A Novel Gene Coding γ-Aminobutyric Acid Transporter May Improve the Tolerance of Populus euphratica to Adverse Environments

Growth-regulating factor 15 is required for leaf size control in Populus

Utilization of Multi-Tasking Non-Edible Plants for Phytoremediation and Bioenergy Source-A Review

Біолого-екологічні особливості поширення омели білої (Viscum album) в умовах міста Вінниця

Ecosystem services of poplar at long‐term phytoremediation sites in the Midwest and Southeast, United States

Long-term study of a subdioecious Populus ×canescens family reveals sex lability of females and reproduction behaviour of cosexual plants

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Morphological and physiological responses to contrasting nitrogen regimes in Populus cathayana is linked to resources allocation and carbon/nitrogen partition

Populus NST/SND orthologs are key regulators of secondary cell wall formation in wood fibers, phloem fibers and xylem ray parenchyma cells.

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Analysis of physiological responses and expression profiling of boron transporter-like genes in response to excess boron in Populus russkii.

Poplar Transformation.

Morphological, Chemical Characters and Genetic Analysis Discrimination of Five Naturalized Populus Species Inhabiting Four Governorate Territories of Egypt

Uneven selection pressure accelerating divergence of Populus and Salix

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Stronger antioxidant enzyme immunoreactivity of Populus tomentiglandulosa extract than ascorbic acid in rat liver and kidney

Data Integration in Poplar: ‘Omics Layers and Integration Strategies

The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Populus mexicana (Salicaceae)

The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Populus tremuloides (Salicaceae)

Adaptability of Populus to physiography and growing conditions in the southeastern USA

Genetic analysis of admixture and hybrid patterns of Populus hopeiensis and P. tomentosa

The nature of the progression of drought stress drives differential metabolomic responses in Populus deltoides.

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Populus Species 사람 종

Populus Species 사람 종
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