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An improved method for high-temperature induced embryo sac chromosome doubling in Populus simonii Carr. × P. nigra var. italica (Moench.) Kochne, an interspecific hybrid of Tacamahaca and Aigeiros poplars

A New Propolis Type from Changbai Mountains in North-east China: Chemical Composition, Botanical Origin and Biological Activity

Functional Research on Three Presumed Asparagine Synthetase Family Members in Poplar

Discrepancy in tree transpiration of Salix matsudana, Populus simonii under distinct soil, topography conditions in an ecological rehabilitation area on the Northern Loess Plateau

Exogenous Application of Phytohormones Promotes Growth and Regulates Expression of Wood Formation-Related Genes in Populus simonii × P. nigra

Nitrogen addition effects on tree growth and soil properties mediated by soil phosphorus availability and tree species identity

Responses of soil denitrifying bacterial communities carrying nirS, nirK, and nosZ genes to revegetation of moving sand dunes

Quantification Of Leaf Emissivities Of Forest Species: Effects On Modelled Energy And Matter Fluxes In Forest Ecosystems

De Novo Genome Assembly of Populus simonii Further Supports That Populus simonii and Populus trichocarpa Belong to Different Sections

Deciphering Genetic Architecture of Adventitious Root and Related Shoot Traits in Populus Using QTL Mapping and RNA-Seq Data

Transcriptional regulation of chilling stress responsive long noncoding RNAs in Populus simonii

Osmotic stress‐responsive promoter upstream transcripts (PROMPTs) act as carriers of MYB transcription factors to induce the expression of target genes in Populus simonii

[Effects of soil fauna on microbial community during litter decomposition of Populus simonii and Fargesia spathacea in the subalpine forest of western Sichuan, China.]

Expression Analysis of the NAC Transcription Factor Family of Populus in Response to Salt Stress

Genome-Wide Analysis of the miRNA–mRNAs Network Involved in Cold Tolerance in Populus simonii × P. nigra

Transcriptome analysis of transcription factor genes under multiple abiotic stresses in Populus simonii × P.nigra.

Association of transcription factor WRKY56 gene from Populus simonii × P. nigra with salt tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Populus Simonii 사이먼의 사람들

Populus Simonii 사이먼의 사람들
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