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The brassinosteroid biosynthesis enzyme gene PeCPD improves plant growth and salt tolerance in Populus tomentosa

Protein identification and expression regulation mechanism of heterotypic leaves formation in Populus euphratica Oliv.

Populus Euphratica sentence examples within populus euphratica forest

Litoribacter populi sp. nov., isolated from the soil of a Populus euphratica forest.

Different sexual impacts of dioecious Populus euphratica on microbial communities and nitrogen cycle processes in natural forests

Populus Euphratica sentence examples within populus euphratica seedling

Effects of root phenotypic changes on the deep rooting of Populus euphratica seedlings under drought stresses

How Populus euphratica utilizes dew in an extremely arid region

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Populus Euphratica sentence examples within populus euphratica play

Analysis on water use efficiency of Populus euphratica forest ecosystem in arid area

Analysis on Water use Efficiency of Populus Euphratica Forest Ecosystem in Arid Area

Bioinformatic analysis of chromatin organization and biased expression of duplicated genes between two poplars with a common whole-genome duplication

Responses of two dominant desert plant species to the changes in groundwater depth in hinterland natural oasis, Tarim Basin

Tree Mortality and Regeneration in Euphrates Poplar Riparian Forests Along the Tarim River, Northwest China

Variations in water use strategies of sand-binding vegetation along a precipitation gradient in sandy regions, northern China

Effect of the competition mechanism of between co-dominant species on the ecological characteristics of Populus euphratica under a water gradient in a desert oasis

Using Sentinel-2 Images to Map the Populus euphratica Distribution Based on the Spectral Difference Acquired at the Key Phenological Stage

Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel gene MsKMS1 in Medicago sativa

Tree mortality and regeneration of Euphrates poplar riparian forests along the Tarim River, Northwest China

A gene that underwent adaptive evolution, LAC2 (LACCASE), in Populus euphratica improves drought tolerance by improving water transport capacity

Increased Abscisic Acid Sensitivity And Drought Stress By Overexpression of Abscisic Acid Receptors In Arabidopsis Thaliana

Remote sensing image description based on word embedding and end-to-end deep learning

Water productivity of Paulownia tomentosa x fortunei (Shan Tong) in a plantation at Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia

Drought adaptability of phreatophytes: Insight from vertical root distribution in drylands of China

Nesterenkonia ebinurensis sp. nov., a Novel Actinobacterium Isolated From Populus euphratica.

Phylogeography Reveals Geographic and Environmental Factors Driving Genetic Differentiation of Populus sect. Turanga in Northwest China

Populus euphratica Apyrases Increase Drought Tolerance by Modulating Stomatal Aperture in Arabidopsis

Revealing interactions between root phenolic metabolomes and rhizosphere bacterial communities in Populus euphratica plantations

Assessment of Poplar Looper (Apocheima cinerarius Erschoff) Infestation on Euphrates (Populus euphratica) Using Time-Series MODIS NDVI Data Based on the Wavelet Transform and Discriminant Analysis

Heterophylly Quantitative Trait Loci Respond to Salt Stress in the Desert Tree Populus euphratica

Evapotranspiration partitioning for multiple ecosystems within a dryland watershed: Seasonal variations and controlling factors

A Novel Gene Coding γ-Aminobutyric Acid Transporter May Improve the Tolerance of Populus euphratica to Adverse Environments

Regulating water disturbance for mitigating drought stress to conserve and restore a desert riparian forest ecosystem

The Genomic Landscape of Crossover Interference in the Desert Tree Populus euphratica

Three new eriophyid mites of Phyllocoptini (Acari: Eriophyidae) from China

Populus euphratica JRL Mediates ABA Response, Ionic and ROS Homeostasis in Arabidopsis under Salt Stress

Populeuphrines A and B, two new cembrane diterpenoids from the resins of Populus euphratica

تحلیل تیپ جنگل با استفاده از شاخصهای اکولوژیک (مطالعه موردی: منطقه مارون بهبهان)

Expression and purification of thioredoxin-his6-ZmDREB2.7 fusion protein in Escherichia coli for raising antibodies

Responses of four dominant dryland plant species to climate change in the Junggar Basin, northwest China

Responses of two desert riparian species to fluctuating groundwater depths in hyperarid areas of Northwest China

Genome-Wide Identification of Long Noncoding RNAs and Their Responses to Salt Stress in Two Closely Related Poplars

Ecological effect of the riparian ecosystem in the lower reaches of the Tarim River in northwest China

Functional and structural profiles of GST gene family from three Populus species reveal the sequence-function decoupling of orthologous genes.

Joshua D. Englehardt & Michael D. Carrasco (ed.). 2019. Interregional interaction in ancient Mesoamerica. Louisville: University of Colorado Press; 978-1-60732-835-3 $95.

Canopy Height Layering Biomass Estimation Model (CHL-BEM) with Full-Waveform LiDAR

Overexpression of three orthologous glutathione S-transferases from Populus increased salt and drought resistance in Arabidopsis

Identification of Shoot Differentiation-Related Genes in Populus euphratica Oliv

Abietane Diterpenoids With Potent Cytotoxic Activities From the Resins of Populus euphratica

Transcriptomic Analysis of Seed Germination Under Salt Stress in Two Desert Sister Species (Populus euphratica and P. pruinosa)

The Effect of Species and Direction and Some Other Environmental Factors on Poplar Leaf aphid, Chaitophorus euphraticus H. ( Hemiptera: Aphididae )

Conjoint Analysis of Genome-Wide lncRNA and mRNA Expression of Heteromorphic Leavesin Response to Environmental Heterogeneityin Populus euphratica

PeSTZ1, a C2H2‐type zinc finger transcription factor from Populus euphratica, enhances freezing tolerance through modulation of ROS scavenging by directly regulating PeAPX2

Comparison of Branch Water Relations in Two Riparian Species: Populus euphratica and Tamarix ramosissima

Oasis landscape of the ancient Loulan on the west bank of Lake Lop Nur, Northwest China, inferred from vegetation utilization for architecture

Soil enzyme activity variations in riparian forests in relation to plant species and soil depth

The role of graveyards in species conservation and beta diversity: a vegetation appraisal of sacred habitats from Bannu, Pakistan

Discovery of Populusone, a Skeletal Stimulator of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Populus euphratica Exudates.

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